Mr South Africa 2020 Contestants 2

Photo: Facebook / Mr South Africa 2020

Mr South Africa 2020: SA pokes fun as list of contestants announced [photos]

It’s official, we’ve got our full list of contestants for the Mr South Africa pageant of 2020: Here’s who will be hoping to prove the haters wrong.

Mr South Africa 2020 Contestants 2

Photo: Facebook / Mr South Africa 2020

Mr South Africa 2020 is shaping up to be close-run competition. But the pageant has faced derision over the past six months or so. Next year’s event is looking to shake-off “mugshot gate”, where a graphic design howler meant that the announced list of contestants wouldn’t have looked out of place in a SAPS photo-fit.

Voting has now officially opened to determine who the finalists will be ahead of next year’s showpiece celebration. You can register your choice via SMS an unlimited amount of times, but we must warn you – each text you send will come with a R2.00 surcharge.

Mr South Africa 2020 – who are the contestants?

More than 150 contestants have been confirmed for next year’s event, and organisers officially went public with their line-up on Wednesday evening. You can see the full list of entrants here, but we’ve got a quick snapshot of what you can expect from this diverse group of hunks:

Mr South Africa
Photo: Facebook / Mr South Africa 2020

Competitors will be mentored

JP Robberts is the man who won Mr South Africa in 2018. He told contestants that this show isn’t about winning, but more about “opening doors and working hard”. He will be acting as a mentor to the group, and he’s treating his new role with the utmost levels of professionalism:

“I’ve been in this competition, I’ve gone through the hard work myself and I know what needs to be done and what needs to be implemented. After I was crowned in my year, the world’s door opened  to me, I achieved so many of my own dreams, met so many incredible people and continue to live my dream every day. Now its time to mentor a new group of men to do the same.”

JP Robberts

How to win Mr South Africa 2020

But what exactly is the competition looking for this year? Mr South Africa 2020 has set out its guidelines, and revealed the key personality traits that will be needed to emerge victorious as the “ultimate” South African man:

“Mr South Africa prides itself on being a fair competition for all who enter, regardless of background or ethnicity. We look for qualities such as compassion, integrity, humility, motivation and determination.” 

“Mr. South Africa aims to find the best brand ambassadors to serve our country as role models for younger generations. To create a symbol of hope, equality and diversity and to showcase our beautiful nation and our caliber on the international world stages.”

Mr South Africa 2020 website

How to vote for Mr South Africa 2020

So whether you’re backing the young…

Have a soft spot for the old…

Or love it when they’re bald…

The competition is here to break stereotypes. Of course, Twitter’s resident haters have already got something to say – but this should be water off a duck’s back for someone who possesses the necessary “humility, motivation and determination” to become Mzansi’s number one.

Ignore ’em guys, you got this…