The vote of no-confidence and

The vote of no-confidence and more corruption at SAA – Carte Blanche looks ahead at SA’s political future

From the vote of no confidence to SAA’s corruption allegations, Carte Blanche continues to give South Africans at home and abroad, lots to consider.

The vote of no-confidence and

Each week, Carte Blanche dishes up some thought-provoking journalism. Until now, only South Africans living in South Africa have been able to access this top class show.

Now, Showmax offers overseas viewers the opportunity to watch Derek, Devi and the rest of the team as they dig deeper into what makes South Africa good, bad and ugly.

This week’s episode covered the following hot topics:

The President, the Vote and the Battle for Power

After a record 8th no-confidence vote to remove him from office, President Jacob Zuma lives to fight another day. But with emboldened opposition parties and internal factions dividing the party, can the ANC survive the Zuma Presidency?


South Africa’s Renewable Energy (RE) programme was lauded as one of the most successful internationally. It attracted billions in direct foreign investment, with renewable energy plants being built in some of the most desperately neglected parts of the country. Thousands of jobs in construction and manufacturing were also created.  Now, with major delays in the fourth phase of the programme, the entire future of renewable energy in South Africa, hangs in the balance.


For years, South African Airways has been facing financial troubles amid accusations of corruption and mismanagement at the national carrier. It’s bankrupt and continues to lose millions every day, barely surviving on State-guaranteed loans. Now SAA’s own cabin crew union is raising the red flag on corruption.  Carte Blanche investigates yet another State enterprise in crisis.

The Gift of Transplant

Transplants for the treatment of end-stage organ failure are one of the major medical advances of the last 50 years. In South Africa over 4000 adults and children are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, but only a few hundred operations are performed every year. Despite this major hurdle, organ donation and transplantation have given three South African children the gift of a new life. Carte Blanche explores this complex and emotional process.

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