Event: SA-UK Trust Network mee

Event: SA-UK Trust Network meet up [photos]

Yesterday, the SA-UK Trust Network hosted an event at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel in London.

Event: SA-UK Trust Network mee

The SA-UK Trust Network enables a forum where representatives of UK-based Trusts and Charities, supporting their South African partner organisations, can interact and further their common purpose:  the development and upliftment of South Africa.

Three speakers were chosen to present that evening.

Sonal Shenai

Sonal is the Executive Director of The Funding Network. This small dynamic organisation has raised over £4 million for more than 590 initiatives globally.

Bill Frankel

Bill Frankel is the Chairman of the Claude Leon Foundation, a generous donor for South African universities and NGO’s. Bill’s presentation was called “From a Donor’s Perspective” and gave tips on the “do’s” and “dont’s” when looking for funding.

Phumela Salela

Phumela is the new UK Country Manager for Brand SA. This Global South African serves on a number of organisations’ boards. She spoke about her plans for Brand SA, which is a strong supporter of the initiatives of UK based trusts supporting their South African partners.


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