The Brits really do prefer the

The Brits really do prefer their pets to their partners

A study conducted by Vets Now shows that 80% of Brits think their pet is cuter than their other half.

The Brits really do prefer the

It seems the Brits really are a nation of pet -as opposed to people- lovers, at least according to a recent survey by Vets Now.

Of the 1000 people surveyed, 80 percent admitted to thinker their pet is cuter than their partner and three-quarters said that their pet gives better cuddles.

The survey by Vets Now -the leading provider of emergency veterinary care for small animals in the UK- found that 75 percent of British people prefer taking selfies with their animal companion and half admitted they would rather spend a free afternoon with their pet.

What’s more, the Brits treat their pets like royalty with 72 percent celebrating their pet’s birthday and three-fifths lavishing more cash on their pet.


British pets don’t just rule the roost, they have a prime spot in the bedroom too.

Despite two-thirds of Brits admitting that their pets snore badly, just under 70 percent said they let their pet sleep in their bed.

However, only 25 per cent of these pet owners letting their pets share their bed said that it annoyed their other half.

Two-fifths also turn to their pet when they have a fall-out, throwing their partner on the sofa for a comforting cuddle with their pet.

Richard Dixon chairman of Vets Now said: “The results of the survey show how a pet can capture a very special place in your heart. If you treat a pet well they will reward you with so much love, warmth and companionship.

“Even the most blissful of relationships can have an off-day, so you can appreciate why people would turn to their pet for some comfort.”