Celebrate the crème of the Sou

Celebrate the crème of the South African business community in the UK

The South African Chamber of Commerce Awards 2015 will be hosted on Thursday 23 April at 7pm, so make sure you book a ticket for what’s going to be a spectacular evening

Celebrate the crème of the Sou

The third annual South African Business Awards recognises the achievements of the best business-savvy South Africans in the UK.

Business Leader of the Year

The first award ‘Business Leader of the Year’ has received the following nominations: John Andrew Boyd, Avi Lasarow, Michael Abromowitz and Paul Gardiner. The award is for an individual who displays outstanding leadership qualities, which have contributed to the growth and management of a business. The judges will be looking at how openness, engagement, strong values and strategic vision for change helped them achieve their objectives, and how they have influenced the growth and success of their business.

Entrepreneur of the Year

The second award is ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ is awarded to an individual who has displayed outstanding entrepreneurial flair and successfully employed an original idea to launch their own business. These candidates have been nominated: Pily Mirazi, CV Pillay, Ross Goodwin and Gordon Glyn-Jones. The judges will be looking at: entrepreneurial qualities such as drive, ambition, vision, tenacity, inspirational leadership, inventiveness and confidence, as well as levels of growth and financial performance.

Innovator of the Year

The third award is for ‘Innovator of the Year’, awarded to an individual who consistently proves to be at the cutting edge of their field and employs new technologies to spur growth, for which Avi Lasarow and Peter Mahoney have been nominated.

Woman in Business of the Year

The ‘Woman in Business of the Year’ is for a businesswoman who displays an enterprising spirit, determination and business acumen in the male-dominated business world. The nominees are: Pily Mirazi, Carolyn Andrew, Odile Ham, Natalie Immelman and Tolene van der Merwe. The judges will be looking at how hard work and courage has led them to climb the ladder to senior ranks of their organisation, and if they have set an example for women everywhere, as well as their influence and impact on the growth of their business.

Rising Star of the Year

The award ‘Rising Star of the Year’ will be awarded to an individual under the age of 35 who displays great potential and is a breakthrough talent in any industry. The nominees are in the running are Carlos Menezes, Petrus Madutlela and Dibabatso Masooa. The judges will be looking at: challenges they have faced and how their hard work and determination continues to place them on an upwards trajectory, as well as if they have been a significant contributor to their organisation.

New Business of the Year

For the ‘New Business of the Year’, judges will be looking for a small business that has achieved significant financial growth. Dean Deetlefs, Avi Lasarow, Eugene Zietsman and Simon Bozzoli have been nominated.

Giving Back Award

The final ‘Giving Back Award’ is for a business leader or company that has excelled in promoting corporate support for charities either within their own organisation or across the private sector. The judges will be looking at their contributions to charities, the community or the environment, and the level of corporate social responsibility. The nominees are: Hazel Hoole, Hayley Short, Xolani Xala and Jill Ritchie.

We congratulate all those who were nominated!

For more information on the event please visit: http://www.southafricanchamber.co.uk/chamber-awards