Join the FoodBank SA 12-hour f

Join the FoodBank SA 12-hour fast on World Hunger Day

28th May 2014 marks World Hunger Day. You can make a difference in South Africa’s hunger epidemic by supporting FoodBank SA with a 12-hour sponsored fast and a donation of £10, which will feed one person in Mzansi for four months. Read on for details

Join the FoodBank SA 12-hour f

FoodBank SA is running a 12-hour Fast campaign on World Hunger Day to raise awareness of hunger in South Africa, an initiative that was established by The Hunger Project. Committed to the sustainable end of world hunger, you can support FoodBank SA by fasting from 7am to 7pm on 28th May 2014 and by donating £10, which will provide food for one person for four months. If you would like to get friends to sponsor you, you can set up your own page for FoodBank’s 12 hour sponsored Fast on Just ahead of the event.

After pledging a minimum of £10 online, you will join a global community of people fasting for 12 hours on the day. Your pledge as well as your fast are designed to make you understand the plight of those, who suffer hunger on a daily basis. Go to to register and take part in this unique charity event.

Having raised over £5,000 before, the annual campaign is a great opportunity to get involved and make a difference. The charity of the year hopes to break its previous record and counts on widespread participation to achieve its goal.

South Africa produces enough food to feed its entire population – yet twenty percent of South African households (a staggering 11 million people) have inadequate access to food.

In order to address this imbalance FoodBank SA rescues and redistributes over 4.3 million kilograms of food products annually, providing food to over 600 beneficiary organisations across the country and facilitating the provision of 41,500 meals daily.

Fasting for 12 hours may feel like a challenge for some, but many people in South Africa go without a meal for 12 hours as a daily reality – because there simply is no food at home.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook (Foodbank Foundation South Africa – UK), Twitter (FoodBankSA_UK) and Instagram, and learn about other activities you can be part of in order to raise awareness about the reality of hunger across SA. Remember to use the hashtag #FoodBankSA12HourFast to connect with other participants worldwide, and tag FoodBank FoundationUK.