Going GAGA for Yarn Bombing

Going GAGA for Yarn Bombing

On 1 December a ‘yarn bomb’ will detonate at a secret location in the centre of Stratford, and everyone is invited. This festive season you can support poor communities in South Africa by adding to this beautiful project.

Going GAGA for Yarn Bombing


Something wonderful is happening in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon on 1 December – World Aids Day and the start of Advent. A large tree will be ‘yarn-bombed’ forming The Remembering Tree. You can give the gift that gives back by supporting this South African project.

What is yarn bombing?

Yarn bombing is a knitted, contemporary, visual art form taking the world by storm. Think crochet graffiti although easier to clean up and not harmful to the environment. ‘Yarn bombing’ basically means covering everyday objects in a woollen jumper.

GAGA UK, a charity based in Bidford on Avon, is behind the campaign. They work in Southern Africa and elsewhere, supporting children and communities in the poorest areas. Their aim is to develop education, healthcare, welfare and empowerment, working with many projects. All funds raised will go to supporting their work in Africa.

The Remembering Tree concept was inspired by and developed in collaboration with Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, South Africa.

The Remembering Tree will be a place to come together and reflect and celebrate those you love or have loved and lost. The tree will be visible from many parts of the town and will act as a colourful focal point over the festive period, giving people space and time to celebrate life in all its colours, and be in place for the duration of Christmas and into the New Year.

Making a donation, celebrating a loved one and helping communities and children in Africa are all wonderful gifts, and The Remembering Tree gives you all three.

How does it work?
The Remembering Tree will be made up of 1500 crocheted squares, made from synthetic wool which is harmless to the tree and surrounding environment, these have been produced in South Africa by women from poor communities to help boost their income and give them new skills. The organisers believe it will be the biggest tree ever yarn bombed in the UK.

After the yarn squares are taken down down, the wool will be washed and recycled into blankets to be sent either to Sierra Leone or a homeless charity in the local area.

Each donation of £5 = 1 square = 1 person to be remembered, celebrated, or to show someone special you love them. You can purchase as many as you like. Each name will be placed on a board next to the finished tree (in the same week that it is completed) and the full list of those names will also be printed in the Stratford Herald in the week before Christmas and on the GAGA UK website.

The tree will be yarn bombed over 12-24 hours and the location of the tree will be revealed on 1 December.

Why does the tree’s location have to be kept a secret?
Yarn bombing is a quiet (somewhat underground) movement and it has a shock and awe value. Although Stratford District Council are fully behind the ‘The Remembering Tree’, and are aware of its location, the creators want to keep it a secret so that you can also get the same sense of pleasure from the surprise.

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