Listen my bru, don’t miss The

Listen my bru, don’t miss The Cousin’s UK tour – and bring your British chinas

Back on popular demand, Barry Hilton speaks to Justin Cohen about his upcoming tour of the UK

Listen my bru, don’t miss The

The indisputable Godfather of South African comedy, “The Cousin” — Barry Hilton, is visiting the UK this week — and has already had to add an extra show in London due to sell-out success.

His British tour will see him visit Bournemouth, Worthing, Derby and Gloucester plus the four shows being hosted in London — much to the delight of his expat fan base. He will also be headlining the hotly anticipated African Comedy Show at London’s Hippodrome during his visit, not to mention opening the Hong Kong 2014 Comedy Festival, followed by gigs in Singapore, Macau and Shanghai.

But speaking to him via Skype (My Cousin is very “tech-savvy” — he even has his own app!*), and sporting his now famous Ons gaan nou Braai t-shirt, Baz choons me: “Listen my bru, my comedy isn’t just for South Africans. They should bring their British mates to the show — just look at this face, it will make you laugh!” And it’s true — he has a point. Barry’s sense of humour truly is universal and accessible to all, as he tackles subjects which resonate with us all.

Best of all, he steers clear of the minefield of political humour — a precarious trap that many fledgling Saffa comics fall into. Barry prefers to charf about stuff that gives us all kak — the difference is that he sees the funny side. Whether it’s tales of the banality of travel, or the unexpected excitement of dog-walking (please don’t let me step in kak), we all need a bit of The Cousin in our lives!

Barry has visited the UK several times (playing to thousands of loyal fans), but this is the first time he’s doing such an extended tour around the country. His sons live here in the UK, so he’s mixing business with pleasure too. But a comedian with his decades of experience is no stranger to travel — he’s spread his comedy as far and wide as Dubai, Australia, the Far East, and even across the ocean on luxury cruise ships. When I asked him if he needed to pack heavy for these extended trips, he simply said: “Nought bru, I wash my underpants!

When outside of South Africa, he does miss the friendliness of locals, “Even the okes begging on the street will choon you Howzit! South Africans’ friendliness is legendary!” That, and the price of biltong…

So, don’t miss The Cousin in action. And for heaven sakes, don’t let your British buddies miss out, China!

UK Tour dates: 

  • London, 11 July — London African Comedy Show, El-Shaddai London, Golders Green Hippodrome:
  • London, 12 July — Orange Bull, London (SOLD OUT)
  • London, 13 July — ADDED DATE, GJ’s sport bar: 
  • Bournemouth, 14 July — Walkabout, Bournemouth: 
  • Ferring, 16 July — Tudor Close Pub and Kitchen, Sussex: 
  • Derby, 18 July — Walkabout, Derby: 
  • London, 19 July — GJ’s, Wandsworth (SOLD OUT)
  • Gloucester, 20 July:

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