moving with children

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Moving with children: How to make the move as easy as possible

(Partner Content) Moving as an adult is one thing, but moving with children adds a whole new dimension to relocation.

moving with children

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Most people, when seeking advice on moving with children are facetiously told to avoid it at all costs. Realistically, however, people who have small children do relocate, so if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it as painlessly as possible.

Get them as involved as possible

Hiding the move from your children is never a good idea. You’re not going to be able to hoodwink them for very long, and the repercussions for your secrecy could be far worse than the short-term consequences of keeping them in the loop.

Get them excited by showing them pictures of where you are going; ask what they would like to do when there. Explain the schooling system and the transport system – this will help them to imagine their new life before they arrive and may help ease them into it.

As far as packing goes, set age-appropriate tasks for your children. Each child, no matter their age, should be given a box that they can fill with anything precious. Having this box can help build up the excitement of one day receiving it in their new home and being able to unpack their favourite toys and memories.

Start everything earlier than you think necessary

Moving with children makes it a little trickier, so to eliminate some of the stress that comes with moving, start everything earlier. This includes packing up your house, searching for schools, getting previous school records, saying goodbye to friends.

If your child is going to celebrate a birthday soon after you arrive in your new home town, organise a pre-birthday celebration with all their friends before you leave. This will make their first birthday away from home a little easier to bear.

Moving with children is hard – be gracious

Don’t be too tough on yourself or your kids. Be gracious when it comes to things you might find quirky or unnecessary, such as saying goodbye to every room of your house. Allow your children the freedom to express their grief (or excitement) about the move however they need to.

Recognise how hard it is for you all to say goodbye to the familiar – friends, family, school, even shopping centres and beaches. A child’s life is smaller than an adult’s, so any loss is greatly felt. Be kind to them, and also to yourself.

Plan something exciting

Have some exciting things planned for during the move and just after. Organise for grandparents to visit soon after you arrive, or schedule a short family holiday to somewhere new.

Try your best to link the move to something positive. Give them a special toy or journal that can mark the beginning of this new journey.

Easing them into the move will help both them and you. Recognise that the move is a big deal, but may also be the beginning of some exciting new adventures as a family. Focus on the positive while acknowledging the difficulties, and you’ll be set for a smooth(er) ride.

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