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Immigration news: Are you a non-resident in the US during the COVID-19 lockdown?

(Partner Content) Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, thousands of people find themselves in the position of being stuck in a country that is not their own.


Image courtesy of Lex Photography / Pexels

If you are one of these people and you find yourself on lockdown in a country of which you are not a resident, do you have any options? 

We spoke to the experts at Grant Kaplan and Associates to find out what the lockdown departure options are. 

In the States during lockdown

There are certain people who may be in danger of being trapped in the US and are encouraged to contact an immigration lawyer as soon as possible to get assistance. These are the common cases:

Visa expiration: You are in the USA and cannot leave before your visa expires.

Work authorisation: There will be students who require work authorisation during lockdown.  

Deportation: You or someone you know may be in danger of deportation or in immigration custody.

It is recommended that the sooner you get in touch with a professional, the better, as this will speed up the process for you before lawyers become too inundated with requests for assistance during lockdown. 

Get the help you need

To get assistance with any of these, or any other immigration concerns or requests, please contact Grant Kaplan. Grant Kaplan provides people with help on a variety of immigration issues and is aware of the implications the unprecedented coronavirus lockdown is having on US immigration.

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Website: www.american-immigration-lawyer.com

Are you concerned about your visa or immigration status? 

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