Tips on TB testing and visa ap

Female Dr holding an exray

Tips on TB testing and visa apps for South Africans

The most important thing to keep in mind is that all South Africans applying for a UK visa, from South Africa, for a period longer than six months must be tested for TB.

Tips on TB testing and visa ap

Female Dr holding an exray

Many South Africans applying for UK visas are unsure about what the rules regarding the testing for Tuberculosis (TB) and applying for a UK visa are.

Testing must be done at a clinic approved by the UK Border Agency. The applicants are required to book for their testing to be done at one of the approved clinic and this can only be done through IOM which is a centralised booking agency assigned by the UKBA. Tests done at places not approved by the UK Border Agency will not be accepted for the UK visa application purposes.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the TB-testing is required for the UK visitor visa. Fortunately, there is no TB-testing requirement for this type of visa. As the maximum stay for all the visitor visas, including the longterm visit visas of two-, five- and 10 years are a maximum of six months at a time, there is not a TB testing requirement.

Should you test positive for TB, you will not be issued with a certificate and you will be given advice about treatment and a referral letter. This will mean that you will not be able to apply for a UK visa
until you can show that you are TB free, and have a certificate to this

Another area of uncertainty is whether child applicants need to be tested. In this regard, the UK Border Agency differentiates between children 11 years and older and younger than 11 years. If a child is 11 years and older, and applying for a UK visa for a period of longer than six months  , then the child must be tested for TB.

However, children younger than 11 years must also attend the appointment at the clinic with their parents. The clinician will then base upon a questionnaire decide whether the child needs to take the test or not. If the child is not tested, the clinician will issue a certificate to this effect, which must be submitted together with the UK visa application.

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