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Thinking of going into business in the UK?

According to the World Bank, the UK ranks 8th on the league table for “ease of doing business”. South Africa, on the other hand, is ranked in 43rd place.

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The UK offers many advantages: companies can be registered in short time frames, clear rules for companies to comply with exist, corporation tax rates are low and businesses can grow

The team at Exceed UK has helped South Africans since 2002 to establish and run their business in the UK. Exceed, with origins in Stellenbosch, had to establish themselves in the UK, learn the local laws and customs and therefore has the empathy with its foreign clients who are going through a similar process.

Exceed UK has seen many South African entrepreneurs through their door over the years – and is really proud of those clients that have made a success of their business ventures here in the UK. Today they are thriving businesses employing a large number of people across many industries.

Exceed UK helps its clients with all the compliance related matters so that its clients can focus on growing their businesses.

Before starting your own business in South Africa or the UK you must thoroughly and honestly evaluate your own personal ability and motivation to undertake the role of owner or manager of a small business.  There are no magic tricks, easy shortcuts or quick fixes to bring about success in business. There are no guaranteed recipes to follow or formulas to apply, although there are certainly basics that you must know and use. Success generally comes to those who are willing to “do the hard yards” – that is, to apply what they know with understanding, persistence, common sense and guts – and when they realise there is something they cannot figure out how to do, seek advice and help from a trusted advisor.

Consulting with an advisor such as Exceed UK can speed up the growth of your business. They are specialists in working with business start-ups and have a toolbox of resources designed specifically to help you. They will assist you to formulate and implement a strategy for success and will dramatically enhance your chances of business success.

For an informal chat about setting up or expanding in the UK, contact Anthony Phillips or Gerhard Visagie at Exceed UK +44 (0) 1784 439 955

Exceed UK specialises in services to individuals and the small medium enterprise (SME’s) businesses, offering start-up facilities, accounting, consulting services, contractor solutions, CFO services, company secretarial, taxation and human resource systems, management accounting and other fiduciary services.