UK Immigration Routes

New UK Immigration Routes bode Good News. Image: AdobeStock

New UK Immigration Routes bode Good News

The UK Government made a number of changes to the UK immigration rules on 15 March 2022.

UK Immigration Routes

New UK Immigration Routes bode Good News. Image: AdobeStock

Fortunately, the rule changes bode very good news for persons looking to come to the UK, as the UK Government plans to introduce several new UK immigration routes! 

All of the new immigration routes will only become effective later in 2022. Breytenbachs are excited about the possibilities these routes will offer business people and entrepreneurs looking to come to the UK. 

Below we look at some of the new exciting new UK immigration routes. 

Global Business Mobility Route 

The Global Business Mobility Route will open on 11 April 2022. 

The UK Government plans to introduce this route to simplify the UK immigration offer for businesses by bringing together, reforming and expanding various business mobility routes. The UK Government believes that this new route will make mobility across the UK border frictionless. 

If will provide routes for the following categories of persons: 

  • Senior executives and specialists who are undertaking temporary assignments at UK branches or subsidiaries of the business. This route will replace the current Inta-Company Transfer route. 
  • Graduate trainees who undertake a placement in the UK as part of a structured training program. This leg of the route will replace the Inra-Company Graduate Trainee route. 
  • Teams who are sent to the UK to establish new branches or subsidiaries of an overseas business. This route will replace the Sole Representative of an overseas business route. 
  • Service suppliers who have to undertake work covered by one of the UK’s commitments on trade in services. This leg of the new route will replace the service supplier provisions in the Temporary Work International Agreement route. 
  • Provision for secondments to UK businesses in connection with high-value contracts for good or investment. The secondment provisions are a new immigration provision and do not replace any current immigration routes available. 

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The Scale-Up Visa 

The Scale-Up visa will only open for applications in August 2022. 

It will be available to talented individuals recruited by a UK Scale-up sponsor. The individuals will have to have the skills needed to enable the scale-up business to grow. 

Through minimum PAYE earnings, individuals will have to show that they are employed in graduate-level occupations. 

The route will allow for extensions of stay and settlement. 

Breytenbachs will publish more information on the Scale-up Visa route as soon as more guidance is published. 

High Potential Individual Route 

The High Potential Individual Route will open on 30 May 2022. This exciting immigration route will be available to recent graduates of top global universities looking to work in the UK. Applicants will not need a job offer before coming to the UK. 

The Home Office will update a list of eligible universities annually. 

The visa will be valid for two years, and if you have a PhD degree, you will receive a three-year visa. 

The route will not lead directly to settlement. Still, it will offer a chance to high potential individuals to eventually switch to immigration routes that do lead to settlement in the UK. 

Breytenbachs will publish more on this route closer to the route’s opening. 

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