Coming to the UK as a Spouse or Partner

Coming to the UK as a Spouse or Partner. Image credit: AdobeStock

Coming to the UK as a Spouse or Partner

(Partner Content) Many South Africans want to take the leap to start a new life and career in the UK with their British or settled partner. Many people wrongfully think that they have to apply in their own right. However, if your partner is British or has settled status in the UK, you can apply for the UK Spouse Visa. Or as it is also known, the UK Settlement visa.

Coming to the UK as a Spouse or Partner

Coming to the UK as a Spouse or Partner. Image credit: AdobeStock

Breytenbachs assist many clients every month with their application, and below we have set out some concise guidance on how to qualify to apply. 

How does one qualify to apply for a Spouse Visa?

To qualify, you have to fulfil several criteria. Firstly, you have to prove your relationship with the main visa applicant. 

Your relationship must be one of the following: 

  • A recognised civil partnership or marriage; 
  • Unmarried partners that have been staying together in a relationship akin to marriage for at least two years;
  • Or you are planning to get married in the UK within six months of arrival. 
  • Both the partners have to be 18 years or older. 

The main visa applicant has to have one of the following statuses: 

  • Irish or British citizenship; 
  • Settled status in the UK. Settled status can include Indefinite Leave to Remain, EU Settled Status or permanent residence. 
  • Pre-settled status, under the EU Settlement Scheme. 

Maintenance Requirement 

You will also have to fulfil the English Language requirement and the Maintenance requirement.  The maintenance requirement requires a minimum income threshold of £18,600 to sponsor the settlement of the spouse, partner, fiancé or proposed civil partner. There is also a higher threshold for any children sponsored. 

Fortunately, there are several ways in which the applicant can meet the financial requirement. Your Breytenbachs consultant will be able to advise you on how to prove this requirement. 

Advantages of the UK Spouse Visa 

The big advantage of the UK Spouse visa is that the spouse/partner can work in the UK without restriction. You will be able to work at any level, start your own business, or even combine the two!

After five years in the UK on the UK Spouse Visa, you should qualify to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain

How Breytenbachs can help you 

If you are interested in finding out more about the UK Spouse visa, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Breytenbachs have a team of immigration consultants dealing specifically with UK family visas. They will be able to guide you through the process. 

Breytenbachs will also advise on the timelines of this application, as well as the availability of priority services to speed up your application at the Home Office. 

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