Australia to revamp visas for skilled migrants

Australia to revamp migration system for skilled migrants. Image: File

Move to Australia? New South Wales accepts applications again

New South Wales (NSW) in Australia has reopened its state nomination programme for overseas migration visa applicants.

Australia to revamp visas for skilled migrants

Australia to revamp migration system for skilled migrants. Image: File

Australia has been closed to the world for almost two years. The reopening of borders in New South Wales to select foreign visitors was one of the first steps in Australia’s phased reopening process.


Australia’s national airline this week resumed scheduled passenger flights between Sydney and Johannesburg. This brings to an end the absence of direct flights between Australia and the African continent, which has extended for almost 21 months.

Australia’s lengthy border closure and entry ban have left many South Africans out in the cold.

Australia is home to a large community of South African ex-pats. Data shows that there is a sizable community of South Africans living in Australia, second only in size to the number of South Africans now living in the United Kingdom.

Large numbers of South Africans can be found in Sydney and Perth.

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Australia has still not yet opened its borders for discretionary travels from South Africa, though certain groups of travellers from South Africa are now allowed to enter Australia’s borders.

New South Wales has reopened its borders to skilled migrants, international students, humanitarians, working holidaymakers and provisional family visa holders.

South Australia and New South Wales are the only two states in Australia that have relaunched their state-nominated migration programmes.


New South Wales is a popular destination for South Africans moving to Australia. The coastal city of Sydney offers an attractive lifestyle which many South Africans seek.

With migration programmes having been halted due to the pandemic and Australia having closed its borders, a number of South Africans have had to put their migration plans on ice.


New South Wales has reopened its skilled nomination programme to overseas-based candidates for a number of occupations. The state is accepting both the skilled migration subclass 190 permanent, and provisional subclass 491 visa categories.

The move is a welcome change since state nomination under the General Skilled Migration pathway has been limited to those that are currently living in Australia.

A number of occupations are available for state nomination, including engineers, veterinarians, teachers, trades workers, nurses, psychologists, social workers, hairdressers and librarians.