Australia needs South Africans

Australia needs South Africans to work

MOVE TO AUSTRALIA | The country is in great need for skilled migrants to move to Australia in order to maintain it’s rapidly growing economy. There are many fantastic job opportunities for the right people.

Australia needs South Africans

MOVE TO AUSTRALIA | The country is in great need for skilled migrants to move to Australia in order to grow its economy. As such, there are great opportunities for South Africans thinking of working in Australia.

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The Department of Immigration regularly publishes a list of skills, professions and occupations of such needs and visa applications are assessed on a points basis, with the higher-need skills getting preference.

The general need in Australia is for hands-on skills for jobs in industries such as construction, tradesmen, health and education.

The continually swelling mining industry has also provided plentiful jobs opportunities, but it has also opened the door for people with project management experience to move to Australia. The major Australian banks are also undergoing considerable change, with technology and project professionals in high demand.


If you’re thinking of making the move to Australia and want to check out the complete list of skills and professions and their related migration visa points for working in Australia, go to the Skilled Occupation Lists on the Department of Immigration website:

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