An expert’s opinion: How best

An expert’s opinion: How best to declutter before moving house

Moving comes with several challenges and stresses, but a big declutter before you leave can make all the difference.

An expert’s opinion: How best

We chatted to some experts at one of our shipping clients about how best to minimise household stuff before a big move.

These are their top five suggestions to help make your next move, your best move:

Start now

This sounds obvious, but many people put this off because they can’t face the work involved. It is, however, counterproductive to an effective move to leave decluttering until the new house. If you’re gonna do it, do it now.


Work smart

Organise yourself before you start decluttering. Label boxes or containers with the words: Donate, Sell, Throw Away. That way you don’t have to re-sort once you have decided what you will be parting with.

Be wise

Moving experts say that most people are willing to get rid of items, but aren’t sure which items should definitely go. They suggest the following:

    • If an item is damaged, throw it away. Absolutely no exceptions. if you haven’t fixed it in this house, it’s unlikely you’ll fix it in the next house.


    • If an item has spent six or more months not being used, give it away.


    • If you haven’t worn an item of clothing for a year, get rid of it. If you don’t love an item of clothing, give it to someone who will.


  • For sentimental items, consider displaying them or keeping them somewhere where they can be viewed regularly. If they have been left, unviewed in a box for years and years, they might be worth getting rid of.

Work methodically

Start in one room and work your way around the house. Don’t start a new room or area until the one you are working on is satisfactorily sorted. If it helps, make a list of the areas or rooms you want to declutter and tick them off as they get completed.


And finally…

Get help… and make it fun

Enlist the help of trustworthy and helpful friends who will be honest with you and will also offer some hands-on assistance.

Turn the decluttering into a celebration of what you’ve done and experienced in your home. And then when it’s cleared, have another mini-celebration for all your hard work.

Advance Worldwide Removals can’t help you make up your mind about what to get rid of, but they can make your move simple, safe, and dare we say, enjoyable.