Move over Rooibos, it’s time to say hello to RedBerry. Picture: Vida e Caffe/Fotor.

Move over Rooibos, time to say HELLO to RedBerry

Just in time for the holidays, Vida e Caffe is offering up a proudly South African coffee blend called RedBerry. Learn all about it here.


Move over Rooibos, it’s time to say hello to RedBerry. Picture: Vida e Caffe/Fotor.

Move over Rooibos, it’s time for another homegrown star to take centre stage, RedBerry. The CEO of Vida e Caffe, Darren Levy, revealed on CapeTalk recently that the coffee chain is launching a new 100% Proudly South African seasonal blend called RedBerry.

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This Arabica coffee is named RedBerry because of its natural colour failing from KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, the country’s two most populist growing provinces. Levy says this introduction of RedBerry could represent a significant shift in coffee growing in South Africa.


Popular coffee franchise introduces RedBerry. Videe: Vida e Caffe/X.

While not known for its coffee production, coffee beans have been growing in South Africa since the late 1800s. In the late 1980s there were roughly about 2 000 hectares of coffee grown in South Africa. Unfortunately, this has now dropped down to less than 100 hectares today, says Levy.

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However, credit to Vida e Caffe for seeing an opportunity to reignite the local coffee-growing industry through RedBerry. The 100% local blend is still very small, but it has the potential to be enormous, says Levy.


New RedBerry blend now available in South Africa. Picture: Vida e Caffe.

“There’s an amazing group of growers situated in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal, who are ready to do whatever they can, provided they’ve got the demand from organisations such as ourselves and hopefully many others. Certainly, we’re very happy with the quality and what we’ve managed to produce here, together,” Levy concluded.

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