More Afrikaans words that just

More Afrikaans words that just can’t be translated… from our readers

Afrikaans is so literal.

More Afrikaans words that just

Last week, we gave you 14 Afrikaans words that just don’t translate so lekker. We asked our readers to send us some words and you’ve come up with some crackers.

Here they are…

Lynette Ziller suggests “laatlammetjie

Direct translation: late lamb

Actual meaning: The youngest child of the family, usually born some years after his or her siblings or when the child’s parents are much older

Cora le Roux suggests “keelvol”

Direct translation: full throat

Actual meaning: sick of it all

Jeandre Hartman suggests “padkos”

Direct translation: road food

Actual meaning: picnic / pack up, usually food taking on a road trip

Helgard Ferreira has two suggestions for us


Direct translation: far lookers

Actual meaning: binoculars


Direct translation: making big glass

Actual meaning: magnifying glass

Colin Edwards also has two words to add to the list


Direct translation: Growl nut

Actual meaning: starter motor


Direction translation: smack cupboard

Actual meaning: cubby hole

We also featured “vroeteldoos” as an option for cubbyhole on our original list.

Johan Pretorius also has a few more words you won’t necessarily find in the dictionary


Direct translation: piss cricket

Actual meaning: 50 cc motorbike


Direction translation: fucking bag

Actual meaning: Vanity case ( Because whenever a man has finished meticulously packing luggage in a vehicle, women always come with the “fokkentassie” for which a space has to be found, according to Johan.)

And this gem comes from Gilano Benjamin Naude.

Verskyn en verdwyn winkel

Direct translation: appear and disappear shop

Actual meaning: pop-up shop

Carol Grove also has a few great suggestions:

Ystervark – iron pig – porcupine

Aasvoël – bait bird – vulture

Dassie – small tie – rock rabbit

And here’s another interesting one from Gudrun Melling


Literal translation: wind mill flying plane
Actual translation: helicopter


Do keep sending us your suggestions to and we’ll keep adding to this list.

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