TikTok, monk mode,

Heard of ‘monk mode’? It’s the latest TikTok trend. Image: Stanley Ng.

‘Monk mode’: TikTok’s latest productivity hack; but does it work?

On the hunt for a productivity boosting hack? ‘Monk mode’ is TikTok’s latest viral trend. It can even score you a promotion.

TikTok, monk mode,

Heard of ‘monk mode’? It’s the latest TikTok trend. Image: Stanley Ng.

Ever heard of “monk mode”?

It’s a great hack to boost productivity.

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‘Monk mode’ is a hack that promises to boost productivity. But, some feel it might be detrimental to our mental health.

According to Glamour UK, Monk mode is a period of enhanced focus, discipline, and productivity.

TikTok swears by it, with many claiming it can enhance your career and even boost your bank balance.

Inspired by the lifestyle of monks, “monk mode” is a period of enhanced focus, discipline, and productivity where you commit yourself to complete a goal by effectively cutting yourself off from colleagues and technology, Glamour UK reports.

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Will you try this productivity boosting hack? Image: Andrea Piacquadio.

Paula Allen, Global Leader and Senior Vice-President of Research at TELUS Health, told Glamour UK: “Monk mode has similar traits to the digital detox trend where people have chosen to disconnect, slow down and counteract feelings of burnout.”

“The term is popular among CEOs and entrepreneurs, but essentially it is the practice of solely working and focusing on one task and not giving in to distractions, especially turning to your phone. More practically speaking, it can mean turning off all your devices until you have completed your objective,” she says.

Apparently it’s a practice being used by CEOs and entrepreneurs, but now TikTok is sharing their secret with the world.

The trend is likely to be a part of a seismic shift in how people work. Glamour UK reports that it could help employees work harder, get promoted faster, and even secure a pay rise.


“Benefits to come out of this trend include improved productivity and performance in the workplace as employees focus more on the task at hand to help get projects done.”

“Advice to people trying out monk mode is to start with shorter intervals of time, before building to hours or even days in some cases,” says Allen.

“Monk mode also allows employees to implement their own type of boundaries in their lives to ensure they are achieving their goals, whatever those may be.”

“When an employee achieves their goals, they get a sense of satisfaction and reward, in turn making them more confident and happier at work,” she told Glamour UK.

According to the TELUS Health Mental Health Index, 48% of working Britons have too much to do during their workday, with 43% feeling more sensitive to stress than before the pandemic.

“Monk mode is all about helping to combat these challenges by allowing employees to prioritise the work they want to complete without getting overwhelmed by distractions or feeling overworked by incoming emails or calls from colleagues,” Allen explains during her interview with the publication.

But, as with all good things, if practiced in excess, “monk mode” can be detrimental to your health.

“A healthy working environment thrives on collaboration and open communication, yet monk mode promotes the complete opposite,” says Allen.

“In completely isolating yourself, you can get lonely, fall into a cycle of working too hard and get caught up in your own thoughts.”

“You may miss out on essential communication, support and interactions with others, all of which are fundamental to the functioning of a team and emotional and mental wellbeing.”

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