gayton mckenzie, kelly, joslin smith

Joslin Smith’s mom has been described as the ‘mastermind’ behind her disappearance.
Images via Facebook: Gayton McKenzie

‘Smart and cunning’: Joslin’s mom described as ‘mastermind’ behind disappearance

PA leader Gayton McKenzie has reflected on meeting Joslin Smith’s mother Kelly and what he believes is an out of control drug addiction…

gayton mckenzie, kelly, joslin smith

Joslin Smith’s mom has been described as the ‘mastermind’ behind her disappearance.
Images via Facebook: Gayton McKenzie

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie has spoken out of his interaction with Kelly, the mother of Joslin Smith, whom he’s hailed a “mastermind” over kidnapping and human trafficking allegations.

The Saldana Bay mother-of-three and her boyfriend Jacquin Appollis, also known as Boeta, and two others have appeared in the Vredenburg Magistrates Court.

According to the politician- who is a reformed convict – Kelly’s dire drug addiction was the driving force behind the tragedy.


In a Facebook post, Gayton McKenzie reflected on meeting Kelly shortly after Joslin Smith’s disappearance on 19 February.

The PA leader revealed shared a meal with the woman and her two children and spoiled them with new clothes, cell phones, and emotional support.

He also paid for a safe house for Kelly and her boyfriend to live in and had his personal bodyguards watch over them.  During this time, Kelly admitted that both she and her partner regularly abused the drug Tik (crystal meth). According to Gayton, Kelly and Boeta’s drug addiction was likely behind the allegations of them “selling” Joslin.

He shared in the post: “What makes a mother sell her child and go to such great lengths to hide her accomplices?

“It is drugs; it is the need for money to buy more drugs. Drugs totally replace the thinking capacity of a drug user when looking for the next fix. All drug users will sell themselves for drugs if they don’t have money.

“Drugs are powerful; the urge for the next fix overrides the love of anything. Kids kill their parents when parents refuse to give them money for drugs. I can assure you that Kelly is not the only mother who sold her baby for drugs. Most have just not reported them missing”.


Meanwhile, Anti-drug advocate Dereleen James has called for authorities to charge Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly, with child negligence.

Speaking in a TikTok video, James – who works for South Africa’s Central Drug Authority – called out authorities for not taking action against Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly.

She said: “Why has the mom not been charged according to the Children’s Act 38 of 2005? Why has this mother not been charged with gross negligence?

“She is a user, which places this child at risk. She then places the child in the care of someone who is also a user, and then she abandons her duties as a mom by saying she doesn’t know where her child is. 

joslin smith, kelly
Joslin Smith’s mother has been admonished for her emotionless appearance in court. Images via Facebook: Reagan Allen/ YouTube screenshot: eNCA

She continued: “Why aren’t parents being held accountable? Let us send a strong message to all parents so that it can stop. Parents need to know that there are consequences and that they will be arrested and charged for not taking care of their children”.