Minnie Dlamini

Image via: @MinnieDlamini / Twitter

Minnie Dlamini Jones announces a new addition to the family

Minnie Dlamini Jones, on Saturday, announced that she and Quinton Jones will be welcoming a baby into their family.

Minnie Dlamini

Image via: @MinnieDlamini / Twitter

On Saturday 12 September, South African actress and presenter Minnie Dlamini Jones announced that she and husband Quinton Jones are expecting a bundle of joy. Ever since the announcement, Mrs Jones has been trending on social media. 


On Saturday, Minnie Dlamini took to all social media platforms with utter joy and excitement. She said starting a family with her husband was a dream come true. 

“Starting a family with you Mr Jones is a dream come true and I couldn’t have chosen a better man to be the father of our child,” she said. 

Minnie also made the announcement on her husband’s birthday, giving fans a two-in-one moment. 

“Happy Birthday my love we’re having a baby. Best Bday present ever, I know lol.” Earlier in the week, prior to the announcement, she said she was so excited as so many new things were happening. Little did fans know, there would be a new addition to the family. 

Minnie Dlamini Jones married Quinton on 8 July 2017 during a traditional ceremony in Glenn Hills, Durban North. They then went on to have a white wedding on 16 September, just a few months later. In July the pair celebrated their first wedding anniversary by having a zoom party with the family.

Toward the end of August, Dlamini-Jones said; “I’m so excited for this week!!! Celebrate everything you have to be grateful for in life. Lead with love and positivity always, life is short.” 


On 13 October, through Vuzu Amp on DStv, Minnie Dlamini-Jones debuted the first episode of Minnie Dlamini: Becoming Mrs Jones, which was a three-part reality docu-series documenting her pre-wedding and post-wedding journey. 

On 19 October, VuzuTV announced via Twitter, that the first episode of Minnie Dlamini: Becoming Mrs Jones became the highest-rated show in Vuzu Amp history.

Speaking of becoming Mrs Jones, Minnie said she was having separation anxiety while her husband was away. Taking to Twitter at the end of July, she said; 

“Yoh this lockdown has given me some serious separation anxiety. Hubby was away for three days, and although I had some great company, I felt like I was missing a limb. So glad he’s back.” 

“So now I’m following him around everywhere. He’s sooo annoyed,” she added.