Mi Casa

Image via Twitter: #CHURCHBELLS OUT NOW!

Mi Casa: ‘Church Bells’ still ringing despite ‘losing absolutely everything’

Despite mass cancellations of their tours locally and abroad, Mi Casa is forging ahead with the release of their latest album, ‘Church Bells’.

Mi Casa

Image via Twitter: #CHURCHBELLS OUT NOW!

Despite mass cancellations of their tours locally and abroad, Mi Casa is forging ahead with the release of their latest album, Church Bells

The Afro-soul-pop band have bravely shared their struggles in releasing a new album while the world battles the coronavirus pandemic. 

Mi Casa frontman and lead vocalist J’Something took to Instagram to pen several posts about how he and bandmates Dr Duda and Mo T had invested heavily into their musical project, but were now left with no choice but to use other avenues to promote their album. 


‘We have nothing’

J’Something was candid as he confessed that while Mi Casa were regarded as celebrities and known to be famous, they were “nothing” without their fans. 

“I know how hard this moment is for us as a nation and as a society…if I can just let you know from our side we’ve lost absolutely everything. For this album we had a European tour planned for June and July and that’s cancelled, Local album tours planned for April and May all cancelled, and all other shows cancelled/postponed…we have nothing. 

“BUT before this sounds super grim…I wanna let you know that we have YOU! We have your love and passion, we have your support for the music and to be releasing an album at this time is probably the most daunting thing we’ve ever had to do,” he lamented. 

Entertainment industry hard-hit

South Africa’s entertainment industry has born the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic as several artists have had their bookings and gigs cancelled. Cape Town-based band Goodluck Live said they would have to rely on the revenue generated from online streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa has promised a bailout fund of R150 million for freelancers, contractors, musicians and artists who have been affected by the 21-day lockdown.

Message from J’Something

J’Something added that Mi Casa would stay hopeful and grateful for what they had already accomplished. 

“More so, it’s the amount of money we have already invested into the project and hoping that the return would be the bookings. With all that said, I want to encourage you all…do not lose hope, look around and realise the blessings, the breath in your lungs, the roof over your heads, to food on the table and the relationships in place! Together we are going to get through this.”