Matric results private school

Photo: Sandton News / Crawford School / Twitter

Matric results: This is the best-performing private school of 2019

Perfect scores across the board, here. The matric results for private schools were released earlier on Tuesday, with one institution standing tall above the rest.

Matric results private school

Photo: Sandton News / Crawford School / Twitter

It’s a day of destiny for our senior learners, as the matric results for the Class of 2019 are revealed in stages on Tuesday. First up, we saw the release of the IEB curriculum numbers, which mainly cover the results of private schools and “long-distance pupils” – and the level of achievement is staggering.

Matric results on Tuesday 7 January 2020

It has been confirmed that this year’s pass rate stands at 98.82%. It’s a highly impressive return, but the number is slightly lower than the recorded results in 2018, where 98.92% of pupils stormed their matric. A total of 89.51% qualified for entry to study a degree, while 7.91% qualified for entry to study a diploma and 1.4% for studying at the Higher Certificate level.

However, there are some schools that stand out above the rest. In a field of such excellence, it must have been difficult to pick out just one institution. But the powers that be have spoken…

Best-performing private school group in South Africa

The best-performing private school group is ADvTech. The South African schools under their control didn’t just emerge with a 100% pass rate, but they also averaged 95.3% for pupils who secured bachelor’s degree qualifications. Eleven of their registered pupils even made it into the top five individual matric results for 2019.

The ADvTECH Group, a JSE-listed company, is a continental leader in quality education, training, and skills development. It is South Africa’s largest and most accredited private higher education provider. With more than 100 schools across Africa, the outfit is also famous for providing top-notch work placements for its students.

Matric results: Crawford College named as best private school

The “best of the best”, as it were, goes to Crawford College in Sandton. They managed to get both a 100% pass rate and a 100% success rate for bachelor’s degree qualifications. Their perfect scores put them right at the top of the tree – which is probably what parents would expect, given their annual school fees.

As recently as 2018, it has cost more than R132 000 a year to send a child to Crawford College in Sandton. Some parents are believed to pay more than R16 000 a month, including exam fees. It’s one of the top ten priciest institutions in South Africa, but it seems that those who can afford it are getting their money’s worth. Principal Lotje Smith was over the moon with these matric results:

“We are once again very proud to announce Crawford College Sandton’s excellent matric results. The phenomenal academic achievements of our Class of 2019 reaffirm our commitment to excellence.”

“In Sandton, an astounding 25 pupils achieved a ‘full-house’ of distinctions (six or more) with one student achieving 10 distinctions, five pupils achieving nine distinctions and a further three pupils achieving eight distinctions. These were very high distinctions across challenging subject sets

Principal Lotje Smith

We would like to congratulate the following Crawford College Sandton students on their epic achievements:

  • Joshua Jankelow – 10 IEB distinctions.
  • Noah Havik – nine IEB distinctions.
  • Akshay Satish – nine IEB distinctions.
  • Joy Sure – nine IEB distinctions.
  • Maia Traub – nine IEB distinctions.
  • Che Yang – nine IEB distinctions .
  • Muhammad Carim – eight IEB distinctions.
  • Zoe Liebenberg – eight IEB distinctions.
  • Motlodiwa Modise – eight IEB distinctions.