Mario Lopez stars as KFC’s Col

Photo: YouTube/Lifetime

Mario Lopez stars as KFC’s Colonel Sanders in new mini-movie [video]

Mario Lopez will portray a sexy Colonel Sanders after KFC restaurants and the American cable channel, Lifetime, formed a new partnership.

Mario Lopez stars as KFC’s Col

Photo: YouTube/Lifetime

The popular fast-food restaurant chain, KFC, is looking to launch their 15-minute mini movie starring Colonel Sanders in the United States this coming weekend.

A Recipe for Seduction

According to The Washington Post, in the movie titled A Recipe for Seduction, the former Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez stars as Harland Sanders, a private chef working for a family whose adult daughter has ditched her fiance for Sanders and his plentiful, tender drumsticks.

“It has everything people are craving in the middle of a pandemic when frugality reigns and cooking fatigue is real: A hunky man moves into a woman’s home to feed her. How can she not swoon? And in such a bleak year, how can viewers not laugh?”

The movie, that is being aired by Lifetime, is not the first attempt by the fast-food chain to turn Colonel Sanders into a Casanova.

In fact, last year, KFC debuted a video game called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! where players could woo the mascot with certain dialogue choices. A reviewer on the gamer website Kotaku wrote that she “lost” the game “after being too forward with Colonel Sanders” by trying on one of his white jackets. “The only thing that Colonel Sanders really cares about is chicken,” she concluded, “and most chicken-related dialogue choices will take you pretty far.”

And in a 2017 Mother’s Day marketing push, KFC published a romance novella, Tender Wings of Desire, chronicling a steamy affair between Lady Madeline Parker and Colonel Harland Sanders.

Now, in A Recipe for Seduction, the real Harland Sanders has a reputation for being a womanizer. He left his first wife for his mistress, Claudia Price, a woman he’d hired to help his first wife with housework. Together, Harland and Claudia created the recipe that became his famous fried chicken.

Official trailer

Fans reactions

Social media users were quick to comment about the project, adding the KFC-branded romance to the list of 2020 surprises.