Make 2024 your year

Make 2024 your year with these positive affirmations. Picture: Cape Town Tourism.

Make 2024 your year with these FIVE positive affirmations

What’s done is done, and that includes the trials and tribulations of 2023. Now make 2024 your year with these five positive affirmations.

Make 2024 your year

Make 2024 your year with these positive affirmations. Picture: Cape Town Tourism.

As a tough year draws to a close, it’s time to set new goals and make 2024 your year to shine. As explained in our story on mindsets to breed success in 2024, I’m no self-help guru by any stretch, but I’ve been reading Robin Sharma for many years now and wanted to share some positive affirmations for 2024. 

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Whatever transpired in 2023 – good or bad – it’s time to put (and leave it) in your rearview mirror. We all start with a clean slate on 1 January, so make 2024 your year by reminding yourself of these simple-yet-powerful affirmations.


Make 2024 your year
Are you ready to make the bit leap into 2024? Picture: File.

1. Rollo May famously said: “Finding the centre of strength within ourselves is, in the long run, the best contribution we can make to our fellow man.” Make 2024 your year by finding that strength, for the meek shall not inherit the earth.

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2. Try it on Monday 1 January 2024, wake up one-hour earlier than you would ordinarily. And put that hour to good use, don’t just doom-scroll on your phone. Work, exercise, sort out the house. Getting up an hour early every day gives you seven extra hours a week. If you always feel like you’re short on time, there’s a whole chunk right there!

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3. Recite this every day to yourself: “There’s no dead-end situation, only dead-end thinking.” Make 2024 your year by not succumbing to dead-end thinking. If you think you’ve hit a wall, you just haven’t thought your way out of it yet.


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4. There is no such thing as a ‘lucky break’. When luck goes your way, or the way of a colleague, that’s because it was consciously created. “Luck is nothing more than unexpected reward for intelligent choices and hard work,” said Robin Sharma.  

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5. Don’t forget that the average life expectancy is only 960 months. If you subtract your youth and old age, it’s more like 500 months. So, what are you waiting for? Make 2024 your year with these positive affirmations.

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I first came across these techniques in Robin Sharma’s The Leader Who Had No Title: A modern fable of success in business and life. Purchase your own copy HERE or visit his website for MORE.  

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