Love Island

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‘Love Island’: A British heir, twins and Beyonce-wannabe in Mother City villa

A new batch of singletons are taking over the swanky Cape Town villa which sets the scene for the new ‘Love Island’ series.

Love Island

Picture: Supplied

There’s no shortage of glitz and glam in Cape Town, but for the next six weeks, the city is about to draw the eyes of the world as it hosts the sixth series of Love Island.

The popular British reality show is bringing 11 single contestants to a villa in the Mother City, where they need to “make matches” that take them to the finale.

The ‘Love Islanders’

Among the batch of Islanders is 23-year-old Ollie Williams, a landowner and heir who says his neighbours are Prince Charles and Camilla. 

There’s Callum Jones, a Manchester-based scaffolder who says he’s never been in a relationship because working on a building site leaves him solely in the presence of “dirty smelly men”.

Customer service adviser Leanne Amaning describes herself as “the Beyonce of Waltham Forest” and says she had her fair share of “situationships”, but never had a boyfriend. 

Contestant No 12 remains a mystery but will likely be revealed when the first episode airs on Sunday 12 January 2020. 

They’ll have to choose a partner with the hopes of making it to the end together and walk away with the £50 000 (R930 989) prize money.

Among the rest of the lot, they can choose between a pair of twins or a cop who says he’s regularly mistaken for a stripper.

Twins Eve Gale and Jess Gale:

Cop Mike Boateng: