Lotto Powerball jackpot

Someone’s got to win it, right? – Image via Pixabay

Ta-ta ma MILLIONS! Unclaimed Lotto ticket to expire soon

The clock is ticking! A winner of an unclaimed R7,5 million lotto ticket is on the verge of forfeiting their cash claim Ithuba…

Lotto Powerball jackpot

Someone’s got to win it, right? – Image via Pixabay

An unclaimed Lotto winning ticket – worth a whopping R7,5 million – is weeks away from expiring.

According to the Ithuba National Lottery, a person who purchased the ticket last year is on the verge of losing their millions in earnings.


According to Ithuba, a person who purchased a Lotto winning ticket in Cape Town in December 2021 has less than three months to claim their cash.

The company – that manages the lottery draws – is appealing for the person to come forward before it’s too late.

“Winners have 365 days in which to claim their winnings before a ticket expires. Some winners claim immediately, and others take longer periods,” spokesperson Lebogang Mokoena told News24.

But whilst the winner will collect a pretty penny, it won’t be the full amount. Lotto winners receive their money, tax-free, between 48 to 72 hours after claiming.


Meanwhile, a Cape Town vendor bagged an astounding R86,9 winning payout following their Lotto win earlier this month.

The winner claimed their prize just one day after the results were announced.

The mystery man plans to keep their cash a secret – but help those near and dear to him. “We prayed and thanked the Lord, only my wife and children know that we have won”, he said according to Ithuba.

And of his secret to winning, the man said: “I play the lottery twice a month, and I mix my numbers each time I play. This time around, I specifically played Lotto and not the other games, as I went with my gut feeling”.

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