dad and daughter.

This dad and daughter duo have left locals laughing out loud. Images via Twitter: @Rathipa_Rampedi

LOL! Daughter stops mom from taking dad’s phone, SA can’t deal! [watch]

Mzansi has not stopped laughing at a clip of a daughter stopping her mom from getting hold of her dad’s phone. Take a look…

dad and daughter.

This dad and daughter duo have left locals laughing out loud. Images via Twitter: @Rathipa_Rampedi

A hilarious video has been shared online of a daughter stopping her mother from touching her dad’s phone. In the clip, the dad’s phone starts to ring, when the mom tries to answer it. Unfortunately, she gets stopped in her tracks by her daughter who quickly alerts her father.

Many South Africans have joked that she is a well-trained wingman.

Daughter and daddy duo leave SA laughing out loud

It’s no secret that people who are in a relationship usually have trouble with touching one another’s cellphones. This is because having access to your partner’s phone means you get to see all of their secrets.

One clever father has however found a way to skip past that problem after training his young daughter to stop her mom from answering or even touching his phone.

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In a hilarious online clip that was shared on Twitter by @Rathipa_Rampedi, the mom can be seen trying to answer her man’s ringing phone when the young girl steps in to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Naturally, mom is not happy about all the secrecy. The video appears to be a joke but Mzansians were left laughing out loud anyway.

Hilarious comments are made

While some expressed that it was not okay for the dad to involve his daughter in whatever he was trying to hide, others laughed at how well he managed to train his baby girl. Read some of their comments on the clip below:

@Malandela_RSA said:

“Daughters and the way they love their dads lol”

@Rathipa_Rampedi said:

“Yeeey, it’s the dad’s phone. She would have done the same if it was the mom’s phone.”

@wane_brus said:

“if my daughter does that for me I’ll give her my pay.”

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