Dusty lockdown cat Naomi Bartlett

Naomi Bartlett’s cat Dusty takes a look at #Lockdown

Naomi Bartlett, Cape Town: My cat’s eye view on #lockdownlife

Dusty the cat weighs in with an opinion on its human’s strange new way of life and decides it’s purr-fectly OK.

Dusty lockdown cat Naomi Bartlett

Naomi Bartlett’s cat Dusty takes a look at #Lockdown

I’m Dusty and I adopted my human eight years ago. I chose her out of a group of six. She was perfect for me because she was thoughtful and the least noisy of the bunch. Our life was pretty ordinary and fun until a few months ago when everything changed.

My companion used to spend some time away from our apartment, but now she’s at home all the time (dramatic eye roll).

New dress code: ‘Bank robbers in the movies’

I think her job has changed. She’s working really strange hours and she always talks about making ends meet. I’ve looked for these ends, but so far haven’t seen them. It’s taken some getting used to.

On the odd occasion that she does venture out, she takes ages to get ready. I usually watch her put all her layers on. By the time she’s done, I hardly recognise her because she looks like the bank robbers we see in movies.

Dusty cat Naomi Bartlett
#lockdownlife can be a puzzle for Dusty

When she gets back, she disinfects the floor and puts the clothes she wore into the wash. She then disinfects the grocery packaging. This is all very strange to me.

My human’s name is Naomi. She sings a lot. Her voice is okay, but let’s face it, she’s no Aguilera.

I hate it when she exercises at home because her music is so darn loud. Also, it sounds like there’s an elephant stampeding in the living room with all of the jumping going on. I worry she might accidentally stomp on me!

At these times I rush past as quickly as I can and speed upstairs to steal her spot on the bed.

How I trained my human

Being around my companion has taught me to be resourceful. Over time, I’ve learned that if I rattle the Venetian blind, my human comes running into the room.

This reaction could be because I got a claw stuck in it once and it really scared her. Now I rattle and, poof, she appears like a genie out of a bottle. I use the blind like a bell for when I want water or if I just want to play. It’s pretty funny if you think about it.

I like to sit on my human’s lap when she is working because the clacking of the keys and her voice lull me to sleep. The people she works with like cats. They always seem happy and coo like crazy when I make a sudden appearance in front of the webcam. Maybe this lockdown isn’t so bad after all.

Naomi Bartlett's cat Dusty
Dusty takes a break

I frequently hear my human say that we are blessed in these uncertain times. When all is said and done, we are lucky to have each other. We have enough food and a warm home.

To all the lovely humans out there. Give your favourite feline a hug. We appreciate you and all you do for us.