Power outages planned in these areas in George this week

Image credit: Pixabay

Load shedding: Here’s how to minimise risk during power cuts

Load shedding can cause irreparable damage to your appliances.

Power outages planned in these areas in George this week

Image credit: Pixabay

With Eskom kindly informing us that load shedding will be here to stay, we look at certain steps you can take to reduce the risk to your home and appliances. 

Load shedding risks


Residents are urged to keep appliances off. If an appliance was on when the power went out, the power surge when it returns could cause electrical fires. Remember to unplug electrical appliances before the power goes off, if possible.  Nagtegaal added

 “It’s a good idea to invest in power surge plugs for protection as well as to chat to your insurance provider on how best to ensure that you are properly covered in the event of a fire.”

A survey done by Santam when load shedding was first introduced, found that approximately 63% of South Africans do not switch their appliances off, and a third of those said their appliances had been damaged as a result.

Make sure computers, TV’s, etc., are unplugged to prevent internal hardware failures. 

Boards, adapters and lights

Invest in surge protectors for your electrical mainboards, as well as protector plug adapters. They can be purchased from most hardware stores but must be installed by a certified electrician. 

Stock up on solar and battery-operated LED lights as they are safer than candles and paraffin lamps, and remember to charge your phone and portable light sources ahead of the proposed down-time. 

And having a flask of warm water on standby for a cup of coffee or tea during the black out won’t hurt either, hey. 


Security would be another concern as criminals could target neighbourhoods under the cover of the Eskom-inflicted darkness. Ensure that your alarm system is operational and that a working back-up battery is at the ready when you need it. 

Should you claim from insurance after a burglary, you’ll need to provide proof that the system was in working condition at the time of the incident, and claims could be rejected if the alarm system malfunctioned due to negligence. 

While we’re talking about backup batteries, ensure that your electric gates, garage doors and the like also has back up units. It is also advised to buy a battery-powered mobile panic button and link it to a reputable security company. 

Load shedding schedule

Eskom this week upped the outages from Stage 1 to Stage 2 as of Thursday 18 March, with a sport 4-hour reprieve for the nation to observe King Zwelithini’s memorial service.

If your supply of electricity comes directly from Eskom or from the municipality, we suggest using Eskom’s portal. It provides up to date details on the current stage of load shedding.

If your electricity is supplied via the municipality, you need to refer to this table and contact the relevant authorities – either via the web or phone.

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