shakirah kzn flood.

Shakirah lost her family and her home to the KZN floods. Images via YouTube: @Shakirah Hajji Support Campaign

Feel Good Friday: R300k raised for girl, 10, who lost family in KZN floods

Kind South Africans have raised over R300 000 for Shakirah Hajji who lost both parents and a sibling to the horrific KZN floods.

shakirah kzn flood.

Shakirah lost her family and her home to the KZN floods. Images via YouTube: @Shakirah Hajji Support Campaign

A brave young girl is one of many people who lost their loved ones as horrific floods wreaked havoc in KwaZulu-Natal recently. Shakirah’s parents and little sibling all died after a mudslide destroyed their home on Tuesday 12 April. Since then, South Africans across the country have raised an astounding R300 000 for Shakirah who lost everything including her family to the floods.

SA raises R300k for Shakirah who lost everything to KZN floods

In April this year, Shakirah Hajji’s life changed forever.

At around 04:00, Sharikah’s father Haji, aged 34, his wife Halima, aged 29, and their 10-month-old baby, Kevin, were killed by a mudslide after the bank and retaining wall behind their home collapsed, destroying their home, and claiming their lives.

Miraculously, Shakirah, who is only 10 years old, survived the mudslide. Unfortunately, she was left with nothing – no home, no toys, and no family.

Good Things Guy reports that Jason and Vanessa Norris, Mark & Megan Sponneck, Mildred Moore (Busybee Daycare), Lenard and Lauren Hall, and Mechell Chetty set up a BackaBuddy to assist Shakirah.

‘Utter bravery’ from little Shakira

“Shakirah has shown utter bravery during the past few days, despite her complete heartache, and has been kept safe and homed by many of us. Her future and where she will end up is at this stage uncertain.”

“We, as the families that Haji and Halima, not only worked for but whose lives were touched by them, are absolutely devastated by their deaths.

“The loss is deeply felt by us and throughout our homes. Haji and Halima became a part of our families. They genuinely cared for us and would do anything to make our lives easier. No task was ever too much for them. We are utterly heartbroken by this tragedy. They were the most incredible family. Honest, kind, and loyal. Their passing has left a huge hole in our hearts and daily lives.”

‘Everything was destroyed’

“We are trying to do everything we possibly can to now give back to them, as they have so often given to us, to look after their surviving daughter Shakirah and to raise funds to provide for her future and education.

Currently, Shakirah’s imminent needs are clothing, school supplies, toiletries, a cellphone, and the day-to-day basics. Everything was destroyed,” reads a statement on her BackaBuddy page.

So far, R300 000 has been raised for Shakirah’s day-to-day needs and education.

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