#UnrestSA: Some KZN people for

Image: Canva

#UnrestSA: Some KZN people forked out R180k to fly out of the province

Families of up to six people, some with their pets, have forked out up to R180 000 to catch a private flight out of KwaZulu-Natal.

#UnrestSA: Some KZN people for

Image: Canva

Wealthy residents in KwaZulu-Natal reportedly forked out up to R180 000 to fly out of the province.

Private flights out of KwaZulu-Natal

This comes after KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng became the targets of various looting, riots and public violence instances over the past week. Now, driven by fear and anxiety, some residents forked out as much as R180 000 for private flights to Cape Town and R90 000 to Gauteng. 

Pilots at Virginia Airport in Durban North told TimesLIVE they had been overwhelmed with private trips for clients due to the unrest which gripped areas in the city.

“For a flight to Cape Town, which costs R150,000 one way, we’re taking families of up to six people, some with their pets. We’ve done about seven of those flights so far and we have more lined up,” said CEO of KZN Aviation, Melanie Simon.

She said trips to Gauteng were more frequent. “We’re doing about eight flights per day when we usually do around two. Most families and individuals are flying to Johannesburg and Cape Town.”

Protecting their properties

TimesLIVE further said that they are aware of at least one private jet, owned by an international company, which left on Wednesday with mothers and children from the Ballito area who flew to Cape Town. They shopped and the plane returned with goods for their husbands and fathers, who remained at home to “protect” their properties.

A reliable source told the publication that 50 aircraft left from the airport on Wednesday and 75 on Thursday. He expected around 50 planes to fly in and out on Friday.

“It is true that people are fleeing KwaZulu-Natal,” the source said.

The source said there was also a “lot of good being done” and some wealthier families were paying for provisions to be flown in for their relatives and other needy people. The Red Cross was flying in with provisions.

More flights to Durban

Meanwhile, the South African low-cost airline, FlySafair, has also stepped in to assist with transportation of supplies into the region by scheduling additional flights into Durban. According to IOL, Kirby Gordon, chief marketing officer at FlySafair said that there is clearly a need for additional capacity for both cargo and passenger seats into and out of KZN this week.

“We have some limited capacity in the belly of the aircraft to carry cargo into the province. Our staff have all contributed to helping people in the area and we’re assisting various other charitable groups in moving required goods and services, including essential things like food, medical provisions and yeast to secure bread supplies.”