Holiday checklist when traveling with kids

Take a look at our handy holiday checklist when travelling with kids. Image: Supplied

Save your holiday with these travel essentials for little ones

Travelling with kids over the festive season shouldn’t be a drag. Here’s a checklist with all the essentials you’ll need.

Holiday checklist when traveling with kids

Take a look at our handy holiday checklist when travelling with kids. Image: Supplied

Travelling with a little ones during the holidays shouldn’t be a drag or reason for unnecessary stress.

Life unfortunately doesn’t stop just because you have children and summer travel vacations and holiday escapes shouldn’t either!

You can still enjoy a robust traveling lifestyle after childbirth – even if it is just a weekender – and no matter how young your family may be, these 10 top childcare essentials are here to support you every step of the way.

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Make your holiday stress-free with some travel essentials for children. Image: Adobe Stock

Start your holiday plans by prepping early and packing in the essentials and as you go you will gain holiday travel experience, tips and habits to last a lifetime. By staying flexible, parenting on the go will soon become your second nature.

Top 10 travel tips to make travelling this festive season a breeze:

On the road…

Half the stress of travelling is getting there. Road tripping with a baby is easier than traveling with a toddler or older child, since babies are not yet mobile and your won’t have worry about your infant climbing out their car seat or throwing items, such as your expensive sunglasses, out the open window.

Babies also sleep for longer stretches than older children, however your child should not use a car seat for more than two hours in one go; for babies of all ages but especially newborns. This is because their heavy head can fall forward causing difficulties with breathing and even suffocation, according to Dr Harvey Karp, making baby travel seats unsafe for overnight sleeps whether in or out the car.

Make regular stops and take roadside breaks. Remember, your child will be out of their normal routine, so expect a few toilet accidents and mishaps. Even if your toddler is toilet trained, you may want to take along a pack of soft disposable diapers with adhesive waist strips and elasticated edges to keep your little one comfortable and dry.

Mealtimes on the go…

Full tummies make for happy faces but feeding your young family while traveling or sightseeing in a new environment can be challenging, especially if you don’t want to resort to sugary snacks and fast-food fillers to fill the gap.

Long hours of traveling for infants can be boring and for baby’s with developing gums. Make sure to pack enough teethers or snack that can help scratch itchy gums.

Play away the hours…

Traveling with your young family (when you are not the driver) provides surprising amounts of down time for you and your little one and can be the perfect opportunity to spend some one-on-one sharing and learning time together.

Plan and pack activities for in the car, in the plane, on the bus or after snack time. It might be a great idea to introduce little learners to music and numbers.

Hydrate right…

Hydration is vital for your toddler when traveling but avoid sugary pops and juices which can make little ones hyper. Try to stick to milk and water while travelling and for a sweet healthy treat pack some cut fruits such as watermelon, orange and pineapple which also aids in hydration.

Keep them close…

Baby-wearing is all the rage and many believe the safest place for your baby to be when you are preparing a day for at the beach or meandering around the local markets is when you are wearing them! Wear your baby comfortably and in different positions to keep their little bodies moving and avoid aces and pain.

Nap on the go

Traveling to new places and spaces can make your baby overstimulated or hyperactive making it a chore  to settle your child when it is time for a nap. This is when a soother can provide the solution you need most.

Movie Time on the Move

Tame your toddlers with a pre-bedtime movie night to settle them down even if you are camping in the middle of the most desolate bushveld. Pocket size devices or even your cellphone will do just the trick. Just remember to download a few shows while you have Wifi.

Water Fun for Little Ones…

There is nothing more heart-warming to a mother’s ear than the sound of her child’s delight-filled laughter. Water is especially fascinating for little ones and be sure to take your child’s favourite bath toys along with you on your holiday travels to give them a sense of routine and familiarity at their usual bath time.

Be sure to choose a set of practical play toys which are versatile and can travel as well as you while away from home. Water fun is always a winner for kids and parents, whether it is in the bathtub, in a kiddie pool, at the beach or lake or playing with a slow-running hosepipe on the summer grass.

Emergency Savers…

Keeping clean and hygienic while on holiday can be a day-to-day challenge. A handy rescue essential to keep at hand and in the car for those moments of mishaps and emergencies are baby wipes and a emergency first aid kit.

Make sure to ad kid friendly bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, burn and sting relief creams, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizers, tweezers and cotton tips, instant ice pack and kid-friendly fun stickers to help take the surprise of pain away from your little one.

Protect and Sterilise…

Sterilising is essential for protecting your baby from harmful bacteria and poor cleaning of feeding equipment can lead to tummy upsets and diarrhoea which can end up being your worst nightmare if you are holidaying in the bushveld or without easy access to a medical professional or hospital facilities. Microwave sterilise bags are easy to pack and use.

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