joslin smith

Joslin Smith accused Lourentia Lombaard allegedly borrowed money from family to purchase drugs.
Images via YouTube screenshot: SABC News/ Facebook: Gayton McKenzie

‘Money for drugs’: Family of Joslin Smith accused speaks out

One of the accused charged in the disappearance of Joslin Smith allegedly borrowed money to purchase drugs, claim their family.

joslin smith

Joslin Smith accused Lourentia Lombaard allegedly borrowed money from family to purchase drugs.
Images via YouTube screenshot: SABC News/ Facebook: Gayton McKenzie

The family of Lourentia Lombaard – one of the accused linked to the disappearance of Saldanha Bay girl Joslin Smith – has spoken out about her alleged drug use.

Lombaard is the fifth person arrested in connection with the case. According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), she has made a “full confession” about the incident.

On 19 February – almost six weeks ago – Joslin Smith went missing from her home in the Middelpos informal settlement in Diazville on the West Coast.

She has yet to be found.


Four suspects – including Joslin’s mother, Kelly, and her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis, as well as friends Steveno Van Rhyn and Lourentia Lombaard, have been arrested for kidnapping and human trafficking.

All four accused are alleged to be abusing the street drug Tik (crystal meth).

Charges against one of the accused, Phumza Sigaqa, was dropped. The remaining four have abandoned bail and are currently in custody.

Speaking to the Daily Voice, an unidentified cousin to Lombaard confirmed she had borrowed money for drugs ahead of Joslin’s disappearance.

They said: “My mom is very hurt about this. The family is praying for her, and she must just tell the truth.

“We are not close with her but she came to us to ask for money for drugs before Joslin disappeared​. And that was the last time we saw her.”

Joslin Smith: Fourth accused briefly appeared in court
The fourth accused in the missing case of Joslin Smith briefly appeared in court. Images: X/@ZimojaL/SAPS

According to the NPA, Lombaard made a “full confession” linking her to Joslin Smith’s disappearance. The state further claimed that Joslin’s mother, Kelly, instructed Appollis and Van Rhyn to sell her daughter to a sangoma for R20 000 to be used in muti.

Eric Ntabazalila said more arrests were imminent and charges would be added.

He told EWN: “That would come out in court.”


Meanwhile, Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly, is allegedly pregnant, reports the Citizen. 

The publication alleges the 33-year-old is currently being kept in custody in a single cell in Pollsmoor Prison after fellow inmates attacked her.

Kelly has previously confessed to using drugs in an interview with politician Gayton McKenzie. However, she added that she became “clean” when her daughter went missing.

The PA leader revealed shared a meal with the woman and her two children and spoiled them with new clothes, cell phones, and emotional support.

He also paid for a safe house for Kelly and her boyfriend to live in and had his personal bodyguards watch over them. According to Gayton, Kelly and Boeta’s drug addiction was likely behind the allegations of them “selling” Joslin.

gayton mckenzie, saldanha bay, sangoma, joslin smith
Gayton McKenzie continues to search for Joslin Smith. Images via Facebook: @McKenzie.Gayton

He shared in the post: “What makes a mother sell her child and go to such great lengths to hide her accomplices?

“It is drugs; it is the need for money to buy more drugs. Drugs totally replace the thinking capacity of a drug user when looking for the next fix. All drug users will sell themselves for drugs if they don’t have money.

“Drugs are powerful; the urge for the next fix overrides the love of anything. Kids kill their parents when parents refuse to give them money for drugs. I can assure you that Kelly is not the only mother who sold her baby for drugs. Most have just not reported them missing”.