joslin smith, siblings

Where are Joslin Smith’s siblings now?
Image via SAPS

From tin shack to safe haven: Where are Joslin Smith’s siblings?

From living in a tin shack to being placed in a warm, safe home – where are missing Joslin Smith’s siblings?

joslin smith, siblings

Where are Joslin Smith’s siblings now?
Image via SAPS

Before her disappearance, Joslin Smith and her two siblings lived with their mother, Kelly, and the latter’s boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis or Boeta, in a tiny tin shack in the Middelpos informal settlement in  Diazville, Saldanha Bay.

The two adults – who have confessed to abusing the drug Tik (crystal meth) – have since been charged with kidnapping and human trafficking of the little girl.

While Joslin remains missing, her two siblings – an older brother and a younger sister – are safe and living in adequate housing.


Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, Western Cape Acting Social Development MEC Nomafrench Mbombo confirmed Joslin’s siblings are under their supervision.

She said: “Because the siblings are also minors, we have to safeguard them. They are under our care but with family”.

The MEC added that the two young children would receive ongoing counselling.”

joslin smith, middelpos informal settlement
Images via SAPS/ YouTube screenshot, EWN

She added: “It is worrisome that the mother is one of the people who are accused…, especially in an impoverished community where we hear the issue of R20 000, which was asked as [art of the human trafficking agreement”.

“In that area, there are elements of substance abuse, which is not surprising.”

Mbombo added that Joslin’s biological dad had been in contact about obtaining custody of his two children.


Meanwhile, Anti-drug advocate Dereleen James has called for authorities to charge Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly, with child negligence.

Speaking in a TikTok video, James – who works for South Africa’s Central Drug Authority – called out authorities for not taking action against Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly.

She said: “Why has the mom not been charged according to the Children’s Act 38 of 2005? Why has this mother not been charged with gross negligence?

“She is a user, which places this child at risk. She then places the child in the care of someone who is also a user, and then she abandons her duties as a mom by saying she doesn’t know where her child is. Why are we pussy-footing around this matter?”

She continued: “Why aren’t parents being held accountable? The fact that this mother has not been charged speaks a lot to the system. Why does SAPS not act, and why does Social Development not act and apply the Children’s Act?

“Let us send a strong message to all parents so that it can stop. Parents need to know that there are consequences and that they will be arrested and charged for not taking care of their children”.