kandis starr, gayton mckenzie, joslin smith

Spiritual reader Kandis Starr believes Gayton McKenzie’s name was mentioned during her reading of ‘Joslin Smith’.
Images via Facebook:
Gayton McKenzie

Joslin Smith: Psychic believes ‘spirit’ name-dropped Gayton McKenzie [watch]

Gayton McKenzie? Spiritual reader Kandis Starr believes the popular politician’s name was mentioned in a session about ‘Joslin Smith’.

kandis starr, gayton mckenzie, joslin smith

Spiritual reader Kandis Starr believes Gayton McKenzie’s name was mentioned during her reading of ‘Joslin Smith’.
Images via Facebook:
Gayton McKenzie

Popular psychic or spiritual reader Kandis Starr has posted another video of what she believes is her communication with the “spirit” of Joslin Smith. But this time, she claims the name of politician Gayton McKenzie has been mentioned in her session.

The Patriotic Alliance leader – who has previously rubbished Starr’s claims – has been actively searching with the community of Saldanha Bay for the missing girl.

On 19 February – more than a month ago – the six-year-old – disappeared from her home in the Middelpos informal settlement in Diazville, Saldanha Bay.

Four suspects – including Joslin’s mother, Kelly, and her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis, as well as friends Steveno Van Rhyn and Lourentia Lombaard, have been arrested for kidnapping and human trafficking.

They are currently in custody.


Over the weeks, Kandis Starr – who claims to specialise in “paranormal justice” – has done numerous spiritual and energy readings about Joslin Smith.

In her latest, a spirit box session, the US medium asks her spirit guides to help her connect to “Joslin Smith.”

As she has done previously, Starr asks the “spirits” to give her clues about what happened to Joslin and where she could possibly be located. The session mentions phrases like “hit on the head” and “in a hole.” Starr also asks the “spirits” if authorities know anything about Joslin that they are not sharing with the public.

During the session, South African followers of the spiritual reader were surprised when the name “Gayton” was mentioned.

In a thumbnail for the YouTube video, Kandis posted a picture of Gayton McKenzie over the background of her spirit box reading, with the words: “He’s not a friend” and “Hurt women.”

She also added an eye emoji.

“Clear to me what I heard,” she posted in the comment section of the video.

Watch the video below…


In a Facebook Live last month, Gayton McKenzie responded to his followers who’ve tagged him in Kandis Starr’s videos.

He responded: “I’m not listening to a psychic. Maybe other investigators can follow that up. I believe in prayer and the almighty God. You can’t believe in both.

“I’m not following people believing in mystic power. There is only one power”.

In another post, the PA leader also admonished Christian preachers who had mentioned the work of psychics and spiritual readers.


Meanwhile, Gayton McKenzie has set the record straight on a clip of him hinting that Joslin Smith is dead.

In the video, which went viral on social media, the 50-year-old addressed a community in Gqerberha last weekend. Gayton discussed a number of cold cases concerning missing children in South Africa.

He said: “They want to close the case like they closed all the other cases before Joslin. But Joslin’s death has opened our eyes”.

On a Facebook post, Gayton claimed he had mistakenly referred to Recolin Witbooi, another child who mysteriously disappeared in 2019.

Apologies I’m told that I confused the names of the one child that died and mentioned Joshlin. I was referring to this young son of us. Joshlin is still missing. Apologies.

Posted by Gayton Mckenzie on Sunday 17 March 2024

Like Joslin Smith, grade one learner Recolin went missing from his home. However, a few months later, his skeletal remains were found. A cause of death could not be established, and an inquest remains opened, claims Herald Live.

According to Algoa FM, Gayton is hoping to reopen the case and seek justice for the dead child.