botanical gardens

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Johannesburg Botanical Gardens reopens after months of lockdown

Johannesburg’s Botanical Gardens were a hive of activity once again, after being inaccessible to residents for longer than four months.

botanical gardens

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Residents were out in full force this weekend, enjoying being outdoors, in Johannesburg’s Botanical Gardens in Emmarentia. Under lockdown restrictions, entry to botanical gardens nationwide was restricted. Last week’s lifting of certain restrictions meant that botanical gardens throughout the country were able to reopen.

The Botanical Gardens are now somewhat different from how they appeared last time many of the visitors had seen them. In March, when many people might last have been there, the grass was green, the trees had leaves on them and there was lush vegetation – a stark contrast with what is on offer now.

The sights and shades of winter at the botanical gardens

The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, which is graced with expansive grounds and usually covered with lush vegetation is in the throes of winter. Now, the grass is dry and brown. The trees are leafless. The dams are not as full as usual, but the water is clear.

These winter scenes do not make the place less attractive though. Leaves tinged with reds, browns and yellows complement the dry brown grass. The city’s skyline which can be seen in the distance beyond the bare trees, makes for impressive views.  

Parks were buzzing with visitors

Not having had a choice of places to exercise, connect with nature, walk pets, or simply be outdoors for many months, residents flocked to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens as soon as the revised restrictions of 31 July came into effect.

Cyclists could be seen on bicycles, families enjoyed picnicking on the grass and pet owners could be seen walking their dogs through the spacious grounds. Children enjoyed playing freely and feeding bread to the ducks, who seemed “thinner” than usual, after months without visitors who usually feed them.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say. This is definitely the case with Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, after four months of being inaccessible to residents.

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