Japan tackles overtourism issues

Japan tackles overtourism issues. Image: Unsplash

Japan tackles mass tourism issues! See how

Japan is considering a number of measures in its attempt to deal with issues resulting from large numbers of tourists.

Japan tackles overtourism issues

Japan tackles overtourism issues. Image: Unsplash

Japan is having to come up with ways to combat the effects resulting from large numbers of tourists visiting the Asian country.


The Covid-19 pandemic placed tourism sectors across the globe under immense strain.

Border closures and flight bans instituted by a number of countries, in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus were detrimental to the global tourism sector.

Like many Asian nations, Japan exercised strict border closures as part of its efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19.


Japan is a highly desirable destination for huge numbers of tourists from around the world. The country drew millions of overseas visitors each year before the pandemic.

Visitors from China, Korea and Taiwan are significant tourism source countries for Japan.   

Travel News reports that Japan is now seeing a tourism recovery. The country is sitting at 96% of its pre-pandemic tourism visitor levels.


However, Japan is facing several challenges due to the number of visitors it is hosting.

The country faces challenges with pollution, road safety and maintaining the quality of local citizens’ lives as traffic jams. Overcrowding and vandalism also occur at cultural sites.


Authorities in Japan are outlining plans to mitigate the negative effects of mass tourism.

According to Euronews, Japan’s authorities are considering boosting transportation systems in major cities and encouraging visitors to diversify the tourist destinations they visit.


One plan is to improve and expand transport infrastructure, in particular bus and taxi fleets, to cope with large visitor numbers in popular destinations.

Authorities have suggested increasing transport prices during peak hours, to encourage visitors to travel during off-peak times.

Japan’s tourism ministry is encouraging smaller destinations to find ways to attract more tourists. The promotion of alternative centres will help to spread tourist numbers more equitably and drive visitors away from highly congested places like Tokyo and Kyoto.

Another initiative being used is tourist taxes. Hatsukaichi, a city in west Japan’s Hiroshima Prefecture, has implemented a new tourist tax for visitors. Visitors are charged tourist taxes when visiting certain sites.

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