It’s #TheDress all over again:

It’s #TheDress all over again: The internet can’t figure out if this outfit is turquoise or grey

The internet’s latest debate…

It’s #TheDress all over again:

The latest ‘vision debate’ has got the internet at war… again. This time a sporty Nike outfit is the latest optical illusion to go viral as no one can agree on what the colours of the outfit are.

Soon after Rachael Stewart shared the outfit made up of pool slides, shorts and a tank top on Facebook, internet users started to comment on what they see.

She shared the photo: “Here we go again! What two colours do you see? Dunno how others see anything other than pink and white?” she added.

Some users claim they see mint green and pink, some pink and white, others say the outfit is grey and turquoise (or teal), even grey and blue, specifically “Tiffany” blue.

The outfit seems to have sparked a quarrel between people, just like the phenomenon of 2015, “The Dress”, which some claimed to be blue and black or white and gold.

Even the clothing line called BitNorth, a Memphis, Tenessee store who sells the outfit, weighed in on the debate saying:

And while some twitter users are getting angry…

Comment sections on Facebook are still standing strong as platform for public debate on this subject…

According to a recent study in the Journal of Vision, people have different takes because individuals perceive the way light hits objects differently. So what do you see?!