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Instagram rolls out four new exciting features for content creators

Instagram has rolled out four new exciting features that will allow content creators to be more extravagant with their content.


Image via Pixabay

In an attempt to make the app better and smarter for creators, Instagram has added four new features to its app. These features will make Instagram a little more exciting and inviting for creators to be more extravagant with their content.

Here are the new features you need to know about. 

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The Collabs feature hit Instagram on Monday 18 October. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri noted that they have seen more creators collaborate with each other more and more over the last few years, so this feature was fitting.

According to Mosseri, creators will be able to mark a fellow creator as a collaborator. When the other creator accepts, you will both reach more people on the app with more views and comments. 

Collabs is intended for both Reels and for regular posts. 


Instagram has been moving in the direction of more video features for a while now and these new features will surely be a hit for creators. Instagram has included the features Superbeat, Dynamic Lyrics and 3D Lyrics to Reels. 

Superbeat will allow creators to automatically apply visual edits to the beat of a song in their Reel. 

Dynamic Lyrics and 3D Lyrics allow creators to add lyrics to a song they have chosen for their Reel. These lyrics will appear in real-time as they create the Reel. 



Instagram began testing a new way for creators to raise money for non-profit organisations on Wednesday 20 October. This new feature will allow creators to start the fundraiser from the “+” creation button that can be accessed from your profile. 

Although the popular app had rolled out personal fundraising in 2020, there was no option to create a fundraiser straight from your profile. 

The feature was spotted by mobile developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi in September. 

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Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri noted that the app should’ve gotten to this feature “a long time ago”. 

Instagram users will be allowed to able to upload photos and videos straight from their computers but there is a catch… Users will only be able to upload videos of one minute or less.