Innovative Steve Jobs Schools

Innovative Steve Jobs Schools launch in South Africa

Named one of the ‘Most Innovative Schools in the World’, Steve Jobs Schools (SJS) have opened in South Africa.

Innovative Steve Jobs Schools

The intention is to have 40 SJS developed across the world, and the first two in South Africa have officially launched in Johannesburg. The schooling system aims to revolutionise traditional teaching methods by allowing students to learn at their own pace through what’s known as an Independent Learning Plan (ILP).

Founder of SJS, Maurice de Hond, realised that school systems still mimic models that were used 50 years ago. Instead, SJS makes use of the latest technologies in education, aiming to equip learners with the skills to take them into their future.

“The Steve Jobs School concept is a truly holistic, three-dimensional and relevant education system for the 21st century – epitomizing the School of the Future. Technology offers a variety of learning opportunities beyond the physical limits of school, while flexible, open learning environments enable contextual, real-time, interactive and personalised learning,” says de Hond.

Steve Jobs Schools

The idea of a teacher being a transmitter of knowledge is gone. Teachers facilitate and coach the personalized learning of each student, rather than feed them knowledge. Apps and iPads play an active role in learning, and focus areas include science, maths, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, creativity and problem solving.

And the fees? SJS believes that by using technology and the internet, the high cost of education can be brought down significantly.

“SJS has implemented a system that has the potential to transform education and effectively integrate technology into the classroom, igniting student engagement. We’re thrilled to be bringing this revolution in education to South Africa,” adds de Hond.