Hyundai and Maroon 5 World Cup

(YouTube screenshot)

World Cup: Advertising expert blasts “crap” Hyundai and Maroon 5 advert

Has Adam Levine boiled your blood, too?

Hyundai and Maroon 5 World Cup

(YouTube screenshot)

If you’re sad that the 2018 World Cup is coming to an end, we have a silver lining for you. It also means an end to that God-awful Hyundai and Maroon 5 advert.

EWN shared a clip from Radio 702 that basically sums up how we’re all feeling.

You know the one. It’s only been played about 50 times per game for the last month, and features that little girl nearly smashing her car door into an oncoming truck. Adam Levine’s luke-warm cover of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds simply doesn’t match up to the original, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Hyundai and Maroon 5 ad criticised

Andy Rice is an advertising guru in South Africa, and continues to provide strategy and campaigns for brands who need his help. He also features on Radio 702’s AdFeature, where he discusses relevant topics of the industry.

On Wednesday, Rice put this dreary commercial to the sword.

“My observation is that, for every flighting of the full ad, there are 10 cutdowns of half a verse and none of the narrative attached. The song is thrown at you time and time again and the excessive frequency has upset people.”

“They’re also saying it’s a crap cover version, which also gets people cross and asking ‘why are Maroon 5 doing this?'”

What’s so bad about Hyundai’s World Cup advert?

Rice further critiques the car-crash commercial for having scored several marketing own goals. He points to the fact that a quick Twitter search proves more people are calling it “the Maroon 5 ad” and not even mentioning Hyundai’s presence.

He even read out some mean tweets directed at the ad. One pretty much puts the nail in Hyundai’s coffin, where it says that Maroon 5 were “the vuvuzelas of this world cup”.

Ouch. Rice ended his grievances by accusing the company’s marketing department of laziness. He stated that the advert feels as if getting Maroon 5 on board was all they had to do to make a good commercial, but it seems to have backfired massively.

Oh well, Hyundai. You know how the song goes…

“Don’t worry, about a thing. Because every little thing is gonna be alright.”