Watch: This is why hyenas shou

Photo: Pixabay/h_anatole0

Watch: This is why hyenas shouldn’t climb trees [graphic video]

Watch as a hyena contemplate its strategy on how to dislodge a carcass from a tree in this wildlife video.

Watch: This is why hyenas shou

Photo: Pixabay/h_anatole0

In the following video of hyenas feeding in a tree, we can see why they are not exactly known for their climbing abilities.

Steven Hayley from the United Kingdom recently shared this spectacular sighting with the wildlife app, Latest Sightings.

He reportedly took the footage in early September near the Satara Camp which is said to be the Kruger National Park’s third biggest rest camp.

On a later afternoon, he watched a leopard feeding on an impala carcass in a tree.

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“Knowing that leopards usually revisit their kills, I returned at first light in hope to find the leopard in its same spot still feeding. I did not see the leopard but noticed two hyenas below the tree trying to figure out a way to get to what was left of the carcass.”

He says a few more cars joined him at the sighting spot, hoping to get a glimpse of the leopard, but the leopard was not around – and the other spectators evidently left.

“After about 20 minutes spent waiting, we were finally rewarded when one of the hyenas started climbing up the tree to get the carcass. You very rarely see hyenas climb anything at all so this was extremely exciting! The hyena got to the carcass and started feeding while also simultaneously trying to keep the second hyena from getting his share of the meal.”

Steven was reportedly shocked at this sighting

“I was so intrigued. I watched the amazing thought process of this brave hyena as it contemplated its strategy of how to dislodge the carcass from the tree. It kept at its attempts and even after it fell from the tree it got straight back up to try again and I found this unbelievable especially after such a heavy fall from quite a fair height!”

Eventually the hyena came back down the tree to assess the situation from below, but he wasn’t sure.

“The two hyenas ended up fighting for the scraps that had fallen to the ground and finally gave up and left. I believe that this is the rarest sighting I’ve ever had in the Kruger and I think the footage can speak for itself! This was simply incredible.”

Watch: This is why hyenas shouldn’t climb trees

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