how to grow mushrooms at home

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Shroom bloom: Here’s how to grow mushrooms at home [watch]

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how to grow mushrooms at home

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Lockdown brought out all sort of culinary experiments but truly, there’s only so much banana bread a person could bake. If you’re looking to try something else, we’re here to tell you about growing mushrooms from home.

The Guardian recently published an article titled Why growing mushrooms at home is everyone’s new pandemic hobby, citing that it’s “easy to grow [and] visually beautiful”.

Growing mushrooms at home

What is there not to love? And it’s easy to start as well. We’ll include a useful video guide below. However, GrowVeg warns that you’ll need to buy your spawn from a certified seller.

“Don’s go looking for something in the forest”.

Remember that mushrooms like dark and humid growing environments. A basement would be ideal, but a dark spot under the sink would work equally well.

While you don’t need to be a plant whisperer (or fungi whisperer, for that matter), it should be noted that growing your own mushrooms is more difficult than growing anything else.

Watch: How to grow mushrooms at home

Alternatively, you can also re-grow mushrooms from store-bought mushrooms, as long as it was purchased from an organic store, according to Slick Garden.

To re-grow mushrooms, you’d need to make straw bedding by filling a container with water and soak straw for a few days. You could also use hamster bedding and shredded cardboard.

Once ready, follow the instructions here. Growing mushrooms from scratch is going to be a bit harder, and you’d need fresh coffee grounds – approximately 2.5 kilograms worth.

You will also need a clean mixing bowl and a container to grow the ‘shrooms in. Once everything is ready, GrowVeg advises:

  • Mix your spawn into the bowl, distributing it evenly, before loading it into your cultivation bag or container, which you close tight.
  • Poke four air holes into the bag.
  • Place your bag/container in a warm (18-25 degrees Celcius) dark place like an airing cupboard, under a bed, or in a cupboard in a heated room.
  • Watch your shrooms grow.
  • Use this method to grow oyster mushrooms, portobellos, shiitakes, and more.

Watch: Growing mushrooms in a bucket

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