eyebrows grooming

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Quick and easy: How to get your eyebrows on fleek

Grooming your eyebrows is easier than you think, all you need is a steady hand, good lighting, a pair of tweezers and brow scissors.

eyebrows grooming

Image via Canva

Even though the beauty salon is now open, it’s still a no-go area for many. Never mind, here are a few ways to groom your eyebrows at home to make them stand out.

Nicely shaped eyebrows frame the eyes and can give your face a sophisticated and elegant look.

1. Prep your skin

The skin around the brow area is very sensitive. For a pain-free grooming session, therefore, you need to prepare the skin around your brow area ahead of the process.

Take a hot shower right before plucking your brows with a tweezer. The warm water helps to open the follicles and makes plucking easier and less painful.

Alternatively, lubricate your skin with facial oil to remove hair easily with less sensitivity and pain.

2. Know your brow shape

Before you can work on your brows it’s important to know your natural brow shape. Start by looking for where your brows begin and end, using a brow pencil to find the arch and how high it reaches.

Hold the pencil vertically at the bridge of your nose to find the beginning of your brows. Find your arch by placing the pencil on the tip of your nose and angle it straight across your pupil.

To find the end of your brow, place the pencil at an angle against the end of your nose and eye. If the tail end of your brow is where the pencil ends, your eyebrows are the perfect length. However, if they are longer, you may need to tweeze the strays away.

3. Trimming overgrowth

To trim overgrown brows, start by combing your eyebrows up with an eyebrow brush. Use your brow scissors to trim only the longest hairs. Once you have trimmed these, it will be easier to see which stray hairs need tweezing.

For a painless pluck, try tweezing the hairs in the direction of the hair growth while holding your skin taut. Remove stray hairs at the beginning of your brows, arch and beyond the tail end, leaving the fine hairs that fall within your brow shape alone.

Other eyebrow notes

Lighting: make sure you have good lighting to see all those tiny hairs you need to pluck.
Mirrors: Don’t use a magnifying mirror as it will make it seem as if you have more hair than you do.
Fill in the spaces: if you don’t have a thick set of brows, fill them in using a colour that complements your brows for more volume.