How does the ‘ideal South Afri

How does the ‘ideal South African man’ compare to other ‘ideal men’ around the world? [video]

What do you think makes a South African man beautiful? Do you think BuzzFeed got it right in their video?

How does the ‘ideal South Afri

Over recent years, men have become increasingly aware of their physical appearance. The male beauty market is thriving, and male beauty products have surged in popularity all around the world.

The physical attributes of the ‘ideal man’ are dependent on both the mass media and the country a man finds himself in.

Male beauty

In a response to this, BuzzFeed did some research to determine how media and popular culture have shaped our views on the ‘ideal male specimen’ and how this changes from country to country.

The news media company researched 12 countries: the US, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Italy, the UK, India, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia. They then sourced an international cast of male models to showcase the differing ideal physical attributes for each country.

Here’s what they found out about South Africa:
South Africa’s ‘ideal man’ :
  • Dean Geyer and Devin Paisley are considered South Africa’s ‘hottest’ male celebrities.
  • Black South Africans make up 79.6% of the population of almost 52 million, while white people only make up 8.9% (according to the 2011 South African census).
  • Media representation is related to those who hold power.
  • Over 77% of Men’s Health South Africa and GQ South Africa covers featured white models in 2014.
  • Googling “hot South African men” gives you primarily white South African celebs.
  • The top 14 of the most popular South African entertainers on IMDB’s STARmeter are white.
  • A study by the University of St. Andrews found that the ideal African body type was “markedly slimmer than the Caucasian ideal”.
  • South African black and mixed-race adolescent men were increasingly accepting Western body ideals of thinness and muscularity, according to a 2014 study from the journal PLOS ONE.
  • Skin lightening cream is very popular for both men and women.

In conducting this study and creating this video, BuzzFeed hoped to “spark a more open and important dialogue regarding men’s relationships with their bodies, ethnicity, masculinity, and personal expression of beauty”.

Whether you agree with the South African analysis or not, take a look at the full video to see how the ‘ideal South African man’ compares to other countries.