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Home remodelling tips to help create an entertaining environment

Use your time in lockdown to create the perfect entertaining space for when it’s all over.


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Are you a fan of gathering people in your house and having fun? Do you love it when family members come over for a family occasion or when you are told to host a dinner party for friends or relatives? If your answers were yes and yes, then you need to ensure that your home isn’t divisive and isolating — that you can host many guests at a go and make them all feel at home and that they belong.

It is your job as a host to ensure that the home is designed to gracefully accommodate as many people as possible. The architecture of your space must be entertaining enough to get party attendees in the partying mood. So, on top of vacuuming the floor, tidying up the furniture, and cleaning all the high-traffic areas, you need to invest in minor home remodeling in order to make your living spaces spacious enough to easily accommodate groups and parties.

Six key home remodelling ideas to consider when planning a functional entertaining environment

1. Create a modern backyard

Your backyard says a lot about your quality of life. It complements your indoors as a haven for fun and comfort, while at the same time accentuating your home’s overall beauty. The outdoor lifestyle is becoming prominent across the world, with people opting to relax and enjoy fresh air outdoors rather than indoors. With that realisation, you need to create an outdoor space that is entertaining and modern. You can do that by adding a swimming pool, refreshing your garden with beautiful flowers, installing a fire pit, or investing in quality outdoor furniture. A grassy area besides the pool is great for the kids and pets, while a barbecue area is great for hosting barbecue parties. Also, ensure that your outdoor dining area has a bar.

A modern backyard is incomplete without proper lighting, overhead protection, and waterproof flooring. Some of the materials that you can use for your outdoor flooring include porcelain, concrete, or wood. A canopy will serve as great overhead protection, or you can just extend your roof if you have a big enough budget.

2. Modernise your game room

Install a video wall in your game room in order to spice up your game nights. The bigger the display, the more lit game nights with friends will be. Such an upgrade also gives you bragging rights amongst your peers.

3. Install a video wall in the lounge

A high-tech video wall will also be great for the lounge. Your guests will be more entertained watching TV or a movie in a modernised lounge rather than on a small TV screen. Such a big screen will turn your lounge into a luxurious home theatre. After all, the primary purpose of a lounge in any home is to make living comfortable and luxurious.

4. Create a smooth flow around the core living areas

A smooth connection between the kitchen, living room, the dining area, and the game or TV room will enable guests to move easily and freely around the home, without necessarily poking their noses into your privacy. Ensure that all these living areas have a visual connection without compromising the definition and purpose of each room. You can also expand the indoor into the outdoors so that guests can be free to move back and forth. Be keen to ensure that the architectural distinction of indoor and outdoor infrastructure is maintained.

Have an open floor plan. Separating living spaces only limits how people interact within the home. Allow guests to eat, lounge, and socialise with one another even when they are in what would traditionally be “separate” living spaces. In fact, adopting an open-plan layout for your interior design makes your home appear larger, get more natural light, and have better airflow.

5. Renovate your kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, especially when you are confined indoors by the cold weather. If the kitchen is functional and modern enough, the rest of your home seems to naturally follow suit. For a start, why don’t you replace those old countertops and then work on the floors and walls? The good thing is that this is a project that you can handle comfortably without needing a paid contractor.

6. Invest in light fixtures

Having a house without much light can lead to dull moods. But you can change all that by installing bright and cheery light fixtures. In order to be able to create a perfect environment in your home, you need to swap out all outdated and tired lighting systems. You won’t believe how much change improved illumination will bring to your home decorations as well as to your spirits.

If you are considering investing in home remodeling in order to set up your home on an entertainment path, the six tips above will help you get started. Note that the remodeling decision you make will be dependent on your available space and your budget. You can apply one or multiple ideas, provided you make your home more entertaining in the process.

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