Dynamite also comes in big pac

Image: Twitter/Lembani Travels

Dynamite also comes in big packages: Watch this hippo chase a speedboat

A hippo was recently filmed chasing a speedboat somewhere on a river in Africa and the video has subsequently gone viral with millions of views.

Dynamite also comes in big pac

Image: Twitter/Lembani Travels

Just when you think you’ve seen it all! A new video captured the moment a raging hippo gave a group of tourists on a speedboat a run for their money somewhere in Africa.

Hippo vs speedboat

According to the New York Post, a certain Brandon Reed on the speedboat recorded the hippo charging him and his wife presumably in May 2021 in what appears to be the beast’s equivalent of a butterfly stroke.

“It all started as a sunset cruise. We were admiring a pod of hippos near our boat as we were making our way down stream back to the lodge,” said the tourist.

“I took out my phone to record them in their natural habitat with the beautiful sunset in the background. As we were passing the hippos, we noticed one go under. Little did we know that it was coming straight for us,” he said.

He also said that as soon as it breached the water, they knew it wasn’t going to stop until they were well out of its way.

“It continued chasing us for about 200 metres until we were able to speed away to safety,” he added.

Do hippos swim – or not?

It is said that hippos kill between 500 to 3000 people a year. Hippos weigh up to 4000kg and can accelerate to 30 km/h on flat ground while they can walk at 8km/h underwater.

“Depending on water level they walk or they swim,” said Dagmar Andres-Bruemmer of the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

Except the swimming isn’t really swimming per se, she said. Rather, it’s a kind of gallop.

“For all intents and purposes the hippo does not swim,” Douglas McCauley, an assistant professor in the department of ecology, evolution, and marine biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara told The Atlantic.

“It almost always maintains some contact with the bottom and walks or bounces off the bottom using these bottom contact points as a source of propulsion.”

Lembani Travels also shared a clip of the video on Twitter, saying it was filmed by Reed.

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