Experts are warning against TikTok dry scooping challenge

Experts are warning against TikTok “dry scooping” challenge
Image via Pixabay

TikTok dry scoop challenge: Do NOT try this at home, say experts

Doctors are warning TikTok users not to participate in the viral “dry scooping challenge”, which can lead to organ failure and even death.

Experts are warning against TikTok dry scooping challenge

Experts are warning against TikTok “dry scooping” challenge
Image via Pixabay

Another dangerous TikTok challenge is going viral, but health experts are strongly warning against it…

As the name suggests, the “dry scooping” challenge sees users on the video-sharing app film themselves ingesting a scoop of dry protein powder, without mixing it with water.

Whilst it may sound harmless, doctors claim that the challenge can seriously affect your heart and lungs and even lead to death.


“The highly concentrated powder can lead to choking, accidental inhalation, over-consumption injury and death,” Dr Nelson Chow, a specialised paediatrician said of the dangers of the TikTok challenge.

Protein powder – which contains caffeine and ingredients like L-Citrulline and other amino acids, which in excess can lead to organ failure – are usually ingested before a workout, but doing so without mixing it properly in water can be hazardous.

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Personal trainer Chris Appleton told The Sun: “You need to be aware of the ingredients as not diluting some products, pre-workout for example, will pump a shot of caffeine into your system much quicker than normal and may cause adverse side effects.

“The only benefits you gain from dry scooping are the faster absorption rates however, by doing this, you lose the benefits of the taste.”


The health warnings come amid reports that a TikTok influencer suffered a heart attack after partaking in the challenge.

Briatney Portillo – known for her workout videos on social media – recounted how the dry scooping challenge landed her in the ER.

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She posted on social media: “I just took pre-workout powder and ate it directly and tried to swallow it, and then followed it with chugging water. I started to feel itchy in my hands and full body shortly after, and then I started sweating a lot.

“I started weightlifting and my chest felt slightly heavy and hurting a bit. I ignored it because I assumed it was anxiety or a panic attack and continued with my workout.”

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Later, Britney developed severe nausea and a headache. She added: “I still decided to go to work, but at work the symptoms of heavy chest and chest pain came back but more intense.

“In the locker room I was sweating profusely again and my head was hurting. The pain went to my back and my left arm. That’s when I knew it wasn’t anxiety and was maybe a heart attack.”


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